Are you an AKA member?

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Are you an AKA member?

Postby Mike » Wed, Jul 20 2011, 01:28 PM

Here's an email from our American Kite Association president.
(The bold emphasis is mine.)

The next board of directors meeting will be on Wednesday July 20 at 6 pm pacific time. All members are welcome to listen in. The directions for connecting and the agenda are posted in Kite Talk forum. Or, hit "reply" and I'll send the info directly to you.
Your board will be reviewing our financial situation tomorrow night. For 2011, our best estimate is that we will end up a few thousand dollars to the good. Unfortunately, the first budget for 2012 painted a very different story. It will be a huge challenge to come anywhere close to balancing the budget.
Our biggest source of revenue is member dues. Sign up a friend and help us all.

Nominations will be accepted for regional directors in regions 5-8 and for president until July 30. Send your name, or the name of someone you think would do a great job to either or xd@aka.kite org.

Each year the AKA presents 3 major awards and 3 presidential awards. The Edeiken award, the Ingraham award and the Lee Toy kite art award are presented annually. Complete details of how the awards are chosen and how to nominate are listed on the website. If you nominated someone in the past, and they did not win, send that letter in again. Each nomination must be signed and have at least 2 co-signers. Send to no later than September 15, 2011. If you have suggestions for the regional director of the year, volunteer of the year, and kiteclub of the year, send those in also.

Wildwood! Will we see you there? This is shaping up to be one of those conventions everyone talks about for years. The list of workshops is staggering with talented presenters from around the world. New challenges include kite hat, kite tie, kite jewelry, patches, snack food bag kite. Favorites from years past that are returning, pin collections-miniature kite. Besides the mass ascensions, there will be the Wild in Wildwood animal kite fly. The all tangled up fly, who can stay up the longest?
Oh, and new style trophies for display indoors or out. And the winner is---- Well, of course it is everyone that attends! Join in the fun and fellowship. Oh, and the auction!!! We need your stuff to sell, and your dollars( US or Aussie) to buy!

Click here to join:
and tell them IKE Club sent ya!

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Re: Are you an AKA member?

Postby Jynx » Thu, Jul 21 2011, 04:12 AM

IMHO.......Certainly worth the money in discounts and their quarterly AKA magazine!
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