Black And Red 1.5 Rev For Sale

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Black And Red 1.5 Rev For Sale

Postby Jynx » Thu, Sep 16 2010, 05:58 PM


"Posted Today, 11:25 AM

I am selling my red and black SLE with 4 wrap rods.
I did not go through the classifieds, thinking this would hit the target group.
Want 125.00. This includes a set of berry blue lines, but no handles.
Kite is in great shape.
Now for those who would even have a remote thought I am getting out of rev kites. NO
I being a vain person regarding the style of my kites, would use the money for one that is red, white and blue. ( like my new vented sle, and all other revs)

Ken" ... -for-sale/
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