Hello From Wisconsin :-)

Tell us a little about yourself and let us welcome you to the forum.
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Hello From Wisconsin :-)

Postby TeamTrejo » Wed, Nov 22 2006, 05:30 PM

My name is Isaac and I live in Milwaukee. I've been flying dulies for about 5 years. The funny thing about this club is that my nick name is IKE. So maybe I can be a mascot or something.

I grew up in Rockford IL, went to the University of Wisconsin for undergrad and Podiatry school in Chicago. I have a wife and a 10 y/o boy who loves baseball and hates all things kite.

Currently I fly Lam Hoac's Sea Devils, R-sky Frenezy Evolution and the occasional Gemini. Favorite trick is the Half Lewis. I also do a little KAPing

Hope to meet up with some kite flyers in Illinois soon.

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Re: Hello From Wisconsin :-)

Postby Chris » Wed, Nov 22 2006, 07:16 PM

Welcome to the club Isaac, good to have someone from behind the Cheddar Curtain!! If you look around, you'll see I started with a dual line, but was quickly turned to the Darkside by Mike Kory :revspin: Even so, I still have my Prism Quantum, I still fly once in a while. Can't really do any tricks though :oops:
Anyhow, welcome again, look forward to meeting you and all our new members :-D
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Re: Hello From Wisconsin :-)

Postby Knoted4ever » Thu, Nov 30 2006, 10:13 PM

Wow!... a fellow Sea Devil and Gemini flyer! :-D Too cool!!! 8)

You certainly do have a refined taste in kites! A connoisseur like yourself must cook up some pretty cool flying! :wink:

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Re: Hello From Wisconsin :-)

Postby MOWER MAN » Thu, Dec 28 2006, 02:11 PM


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