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Postby Beena » Sun, Apr 01 2007, 06:14 PM

Hey guys!

My name is daniel. Today while walking through one of the parks here in Kansas City Missouri with my wife i saw something with streamers in the trash. It turns out it was a dinosaur kite tied to a bag of dog poop. A quick inspection lead me to believe nothing wrong with the body of the kite. So i pulled my knife out and severed the poop bag and took the parts of the kite and line from the trash. I had to untangle about 10 feet of the line but there was still plenty to fly with. yay!

My wife and i flew the kite in the park for about an hour and a half, and childishly nick-named the kite "poop-a-saurus." The kite is 4-5 feet wing tip to wing tip and 2 feet from nose to tail. It has streamers of varying lengths on the back up to 10 feet long. Its wing are shaped like a sparrows. I am a total kite n00b so i don't know what kind of kite it is but i am sure most of you already know from that discription.

I decided i want to make a box kite and when i got on-line i was overloaded with kite this and kite that. I have NO idea where good information is so i, already having much familiarity with forms from on-line gaming, decided to apply to this forum. At the moment my needs are basic. I need basic plans, basic materials lists, basic help. I will be looking over the forums for any "n00b help" i can get.

I am glad some of you guys are hardcore into kites. You could probably make a simple box kite in your sleep. But i anticipate spending hours with really basic materials like paper and dowl rods thinking, "wtf.... how is this supposed to work...?" It is good to know that y'all have experience.

... That is my intention here...

About me? I play World of Warcraft, I am a musician, I am going to be graduating college this may, and i have a lovely wife. Any questions? Ask away!

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Re: Daniel

Postby Babbman » Sun, Apr 01 2007, 07:31 PM


while there definitely some experts here, some of us have only been making kites a short time..

PLEASE do not be afraid to ask ANYTHING...

While your needs may be basic now, that may change as you discover all that kiting has become over the last few years...


love the poo story... :rotfl

and holy crap, ANOTHER musician! You will find that there are a few musicians here... I play bass and have been playing for over 25 years... there is talk about musical stuff in the non-kite threads on this board..

Chris (aka Babbman)

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Re: Daniel

Postby Jeff » Sun, Apr 01 2007, 07:43 PM

Babbman wrote:
love the poo story... :rotfl

Keep calm, and park it in the pocket

IKE is on Image too!

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Re: Daniel

Postby Mike » Sun, Apr 01 2007, 08:14 PM

Hey Daniel,
welcome to the club!
Once you look around the forum, you find that most of us make our kites with cloth and from sewing. But you can make a box kite from paper or plastic as well. I would recommend plastic. Either use trash bags or cheap plastic table cloths from a discount card/party store.

Here's a text description. Pictures would be better, but here's a start anyway. If I get time I'll make one soon and take photos for step by step instructions. Or if anyone else out there wants to try this, take photos and lets see if I've got this right.
For now, ask lots of questions.
A box kite has 4 vertical sticks and at least two sets of sticks that form an "X" to keep the box parts open.
You can play around with the dimensions and still get something that works, but try these:

Using a 30" trashbag and dowels from the hardware store.
You'll need Four 1/4" x 36" dowels for the vertical sticks.
Buy two 48" x 1/4" dowels to make the "X"s
You'll also need a foot of flexible, clear plastic tubing from the plumbing section. It should be 1/4" ID and fit snugly over your sticks.
We'll use the tubing to connect the "X" cross spars.

Cut across the trash bag to get two loops of plastic that are 12" wide.
Fold the tubes in half so that you can mark the four corners of your box. Mark it with a pen.

Cut the tubing into Eight 1 1/2" pieces.
This part is hard to explain... Cut each piece of tubing half-way thru the middle bit like this:

Poke one of the 36" dowels thru the cut you just made and out the side. This leaves a bit of tubing hanging off to which you can attach another stick, in this case one of your "X" pieces.

Hmmm. this is getting to be harder than I thought to describe.
I'm not sure if I should delete the post to keep from scaring you off, or just continue with these somewhat muddy instructions....
I'll keep going, ingore me it this is confusing.

Poke another piece of tubing onto the stick and repeat so you have 4 36" sticks, each with two piece of tubing:
More bad ascii art:
-----==//--------------\\==----- stick with tubes.

The rest is easy.
Tape the four 36" inch stick to the inside of your boxes. One box is at the top of the stick, you'll have 12" of empty space, and then another box at the bottom.

Cut the remaining sticks so that you can make the x's to hold the kite open into a box probably around 20" to 21" each
Poke the 20" sticks into the the bits of tube sticking off the 36" stick to make the "X" cross struts in the middle of each cube.

Attach the kite string to a stick in the top cube. About 7" down from the top of the kite.

Phew. Good luck!

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Re: Daniel

Postby Mike » Sun, Apr 01 2007, 08:30 PM

here's a quick sketch. Hopefully it doesn't make my instructions worse!
kite plan scribble
box-kite.gif (4.23 KiB) Viewed 1274 times

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Re: Daniel

Postby Chris » Sun, Apr 01 2007, 10:36 PM

In case that wasn't enough information overload, here is the link to box kite plans from the AKA website-- http://www.aka.kite.org/data/download/p ... s/bbox.pdf

:rotfl :rotfl :poop :poop :poop :rotfl :rotfl

BTW, welcome to the forum!!
It's a great satisfaction knowing that for a brief point in time you made a difference.


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Re: Daniel

Postby Draftnik » Sun, Apr 01 2007, 11:54 PM

Welcome Daniel!

Your local library will likely have a handful of kite making books as well, the oldies (but goodies) tend to stick to the traditional materials like wood and paper.

Good luck with your project. Paper kites are alot of fun.

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Re: Daniel

Postby Mike » Mon, Apr 02 2007, 07:21 AM

Thanks for that post Chris, I was just going to post it this morning when I saw your post.
Daniel, give that link a try, it looks a little easier to follow :oops:
http://www.aka.kite.org/data/download/p ... s/bbox.pdf

But you can also see that are different ways to make what is essentially the same kite. There isn't one right way, so feel to experiment!

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