Revolution New Raffle!

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Revolution New Raffle!

Postby Darkspark » Mon, Jul 06 2009, 09:31 PM

Hello fine folks, Revolution :revspin: has posted another raffle on the forum. This one is a little more main stream and may interest alot of you. Tougher odds but 2 way cool custom 1.5's, Using a famous design from their past. Designed by Jorgen Moller Hansen. I need to learn how to post links and photos so Mike doesn't have to for me. (Thanks Mike, In advance for putting a link on this thread :lol: :lol: ) $20 per ticket 125 available. Once again all proceeds going to support the Bristol Kite Festival. Hope somebody in the club is lucky enough to win one!

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Re: Revolution New Raffle!

Postby Mike » Mon, Jul 06 2009, 09:49 PM ... entry54077
The original Rev Team with their original design. Cool!

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