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Arizona's Orginal IKE Member

Postby kiteking » Sun, Dec 07 2008, 04:15 PM


I am MikeM from Tucson, I joined IKE after meeting Mike Kory at Kite Party 4. I believe he was the first person to approach me on the beach as I walked toward the group of early arrivals (know Donna was there and I believe Allen Carter was also). He introduced himself and then the others. That's when I decided I needed to attend every Kite party from then on. Mike's attitude, and of many others I have met at KP, is the attitude that attracted me to kiting in the late 70's. Everyone you meet is a potential friend and kite flier. Introduce the enjoyment of kites to the people that are curious, offer the handles and instruction to the ones wanting to try. I personally have had so many people respond "I'm afraid I will crash it", to which I replay "Nobody could crash it more than I have."

I was afraid that sport had gotten very impersonal over the last 10 years.

I remember 3-4 years ago I was flying at Pacific Beach and the Coaster Delta anchored to act as my windsock, and all of a sudden this young girl came over withe the spool in her hand and asked if it was mine. My first thought was why would you dig up the line and bring it to me. What actually happened was the kite got loose and was heading toward the Hotel across the board walk, she had captured the kite and saved me from knocking on numerous doors to retrieve it. I of coarse was grateful, and offered to show her and her younger brother how to fly a dual line kite. Her family (visiting from Canada) gathered around and I setup a very stable kite and showed her brother first, he did what most first timers do, over control and arms flaying around, as I instructed him I noticed this young girl listing intently to the lesson. When I offered the handles to her she seemed very at ease and got the hang of it quickly and I think for the first time I actually removed my hands from the handles and let her fly. She was a natural. After the session I dug into my bag and produced a couple of giveaway kites I carry for kids in need and gave each a kite with another thank you for saving my delta. I following morning I was out flying again, and noticed ths young girl with her new kite in the air having a great time.

Pay it foward

I started flying (adult) in 1977 -1978 at the Oregon coast, not long after Steve Lamb opened Catch the Wind, I first purchased a Coaster Delta. Then one weekend, I met Steve Lamb and Steve Edeiken, flying this new kite called a Rainbow Stunt Kite and I was hooked.

I have increased my collection over the years and enjoy flying all my kites when ever possible. I have recently acquired some trick kites though I know no tricks. I also am working on getting some Rev's and revisiting quad line ( I got a REV II when they were just getting started.)

I mostly fly stacks, but ejyoy whatever kite I have up at the time.

I know I met quite a few IKE members at KP6 and hope to see them and meet more members at KP7.

I'll close now because it beginning to sound like my memoirs and I don't want to spoil the book for you.

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Re: Arizona's Orginal IKE Member

Postby Jeepster » Sun, Dec 07 2008, 08:04 PM


Welcome to the forum.

With the snow and cold weather we're having in the mid-west, I think everyone has gone into hibernation. Looks like a good stable of kites on your web page ... you'd fit in great back in Illinois. Several of the member's vehicles look like a college prank of "how many kites can you stuff in the car." Look forward to meeting you at Kite Party.

I asked you once where you fly your kites, since we lived in Tucson during the 90's and never saw anyone flying kites. R/C and hang Gliders off A mountain, powered R/C at several locations and control line at Silverbell Park, but never a kite. Are there a lot of flyers in Tucson? What about the Phoenix area? After kite party, my wife and a I will spend some time in the Gilbert area. Probably find a school yard in the Gilbert to fly at.


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Re: Arizona's Orginal IKE Member

Postby Mike » Sun, Dec 07 2008, 08:08 PM

Or as we called you on the beach, "Mike from Tucson", to distinguish you from all the other Mikes. :-)
It's really cool that you've signed on and posted here.

My first "real" kites were the Rainbow stunt kites.

I have seen you fly a few cool dual line stacks, we'll just have to get you flying a rev stack too :shock:
If I can get it on the plane, I'll bring one to KP.

Here's a photo of you from a couple years ago:
mike mcdonald from tucson.jpg
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