Nice wind today!

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Nice wind today!

Postby Mike » Sun, Oct 19 2008, 03:30 PM

I flew at a harvest festival for a couple hours today and the winds were perfect. 13mph and from the one good direction at this venue.
The weather was warm, and the skies sunny.
I put up Mimi, 3 SLKs and a Catherine's wheel. The SLKs stayed up the whole time without needing any assistance.
That allowed me to fly a vented rev to live music and goof around with the crowd.
All that fit in an area about 100' x 120'. In the same area with my SLKS and my Rev, I also had people sitting in chairs, kids running around and a few folks flying their own kites. So the winds had to be great to pull it off!
They gave me a small check which I used to top off Fern's Starbuck's card. The least I could do for her support of my hobby this year.

Sure was nice to fly in some good wind for a change. Hope some of you were able to get out and fly today too.

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Re: Nice Wind Today!

Postby Jeff » Sun, Oct 19 2008, 05:46 PM

I did! But just me and my iPod.

Was able to spend about 2 hours. It was a bit gusty up here, but I'm not complaining.
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Re: Nice Wind Today!

Postby Jeepster » Sun, Oct 19 2008, 06:00 PM

Mike wrote:Hope some of you were able to get out and fly today too.

After yesterday's lack of wind for the picnic, today had to go the other way for most of the early day. The winds averaged 18 mph with gusts to the mid-twenties for most of the early afternoon here in the Peoria area. At little after two the winds dropped to the lower teens with gusts to about 20 mph, so I got in about three hours of good flying. Like Jeff, just me and my ipod.


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Re: Nice Wind Today!

Postby Knoted4ever » Sun, Oct 19 2008, 09:45 PM

i flew for around an hour at Clifton High School; it was me, my MP3, Marla and Gabby. Marla went walking around the football field and later took Gab for a walk.

Winds were quite brisk. i flew a Benson Deep Space the whole time. What an excellent kite for high winds! This kite flies better in high winds than does most vented kites! If anyone wants an excellent high wind kite (that also flies in relatively low winds)... this kite is highly recommended! It has roll-bars, and is a sweetie! :up:
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