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Nice Dualie Kite Tried At Grand Haven...

Posted: Sun, May 27 2007, 01:45 PM
by Knoted4ever
While at Grand Haven, Walter, who is a superb and very experienced flier who has been flying for over 15 years (he can do Cometes and Backspin Cascades like nobody's business)... let me try out his new Silver Fox kite. His particular kite was a UL, and he was tricking it in relatively low winds without any difficulty.

Anyway, i was very impressed by this kite! :mrblue: It felt and handled a lot like a Sea Devil... and Sea Devils are my favorite kites! i had a blast :up: with this kite, and heard Walter mention about how truly decent it is... even though, in a way, he wishes that he purchased the standard instead of the UL. This particular kite was the Silver Fox 2.3. Developed by Bell Chiu, Flying Box Studio (Acrobatx designer), the Silver Fox series features sails of Ventex Polyester, framing of Dynamic Wrapped Carbon rods, pre-installed weights and ballast and yo-yo stoppers and sells for the relatively low price of $125. There is also the larger Silver Fox 2.5 kite, which comes in a UL, standard, and high-wind version; this larger kite probably is a bit better in precision (not that the 2.3 is bad) and probably can still do most all of the tricks (though most likely not as tricky as the 2.3).

Walter makes a lot of his own suberb kites... and for him to be flying a purchased kite at Grand Haven... well that is real concern for inquiry! Walter, by the way, was the one person who most inspired me to get into trick flying with sport kites. While at my first year at Perry Farm, i observed Walter at the far corner of one of the fields; he was tricking like wild and was a true artist! i said to my wife, "Wow, that guy is totally incredible!" i knew that he wasn't making a lot of mistakes! :wink:

Re: Nice Dualie Kite Tried At Grand Haven...

Posted: Sat, Jun 09 2007, 09:47 AM
by outsidetheboxkitestudio
:shock: Walter flying an inexspensive mass production kite, and not one of his fantastic home builds? what is this world coming to? I hope to try the SF out someday. So you liked it and will now stop spending so much money on kites? No more Benson's, no more Sea Devils? What did it do in particular that was a stand out, what did you like about it in general? What did you find not so good, if anything, about the kite? Later Tom :up:

Re: Nice Dualie Kite Tried At Grand Haven...

Posted: Sun, Jun 10 2007, 09:33 PM
by Knoted4ever
i just liked everything about the kite! i really clicked with it right off the bat! It JLs better than any kite i've flown... and it did cometes extremely well... and yo-yo flic flacs, and backspin stuff and seemed just great! This kite is a third or a fourth of the price of comparable kites out there!... it's a real winner, i think! :wink:
It should be illegal to sell such a sweet kite at such a reasonable price! :mrblue: i can understand why Walter was flying it! He was not making a foolish mistake or going back in time!