Sideways Rollup And Unroll

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Sideways Rollup And Unroll

Postby Knoted4ever » Mon, May 21 2007, 11:57 PM

i've been messing around with Sideways Roll-ups and Unrolls. It's a lot of fun doing these!

Essentially, you (as the kite faces sideways) push your arms forward very briefly, then snap your fists/arms backward followed immediately by a lot of slack (by thrusting your arms forward). When the kite rolls up, pull your arms back toward you briskly as you lean backward, smiling. There is a lot of balance involved in this trick also, which cannot be explained via words.

Interestingly, if you start this trick a bit nose up, it is exactly like the initiation of the Crazy Copter trick; and, if you start this trick a bit nose down, it is exactly like the initiation of the Yo-Fade trick. That is, with both tricks, the kite travels (i.e., pitches) nose toward belly (not nose toward back). i feel that initiating the Crazy Copter and the Yo-Fade a little off vertical actually helps to initiate those tricks (with the emphasis on the horizontal wind rather than on the axis regarding the gravity of the earth). The directly horizontal wrap and unwrap also looks very cool. The following is a short video example: ... 6833887040
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