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JitterBug Flying...

Posted: Mon, Apr 07 2008, 10:32 PM
by Knoted4ever
Here's a new way of flying dualies with precision that i came up with; i don't know how unique it is... but i came up with it on my own... so it's new here! :mrblue:

This short demonstration shows how, instead of merely sticking to the standard versions of precision dual-line flying, one can spice-up the style (besides using the regular intermittent tricks) to an even livelier, jazzy style. "Dotted Line" flying is also briefly demonstrated. (This whole thing is a short demo; it is not meant to be a complete freestyle flying video.)

To perform the JitterBug... one uses techniques very similar to the "Snap Stall" but, instead of providing a great deal of slack, one provides only subtle and intermittent slack. One pulls and gives subtle slack in an alternating, intermittent fashion, allowing the kite to dance or rock-n-roll-cascade through the air. Though the video doesn't show it, i often like to fly straight, throw the Jitterbug in for a brief time while continuing to fly in the same direction, then i continue to fly straight without the JitterBug; or one can Jitter all over the place, all while flying in precision patterns! Practice alternating hands in sync to get this thing to look and feel nice! (It's easiest to practice this at the top of the wind window, when the kite is facing up and is just sitting there still in the sky... which is a cool thing to do with the JitterBug too!) It's truly a lot of fun! :mrblue:

Regarding the "Dotted Line", which is not as unique... well it is very similar to the "pumping" that fliers do when the wind is low, when they want the kite to go up vertically. Only, with this, one rocks the handles in an inverted arc fashion (in terms of the movement of the hands) as the kite flies horizontally or in any direction, in full and regular winds.

More new tricks will be posted in the future.

Good luck and have fun in the fields! :wink:

The demo is at:

or go to and do a search on Jitterbug Stunt Kite Flying

Many thanks to Mike S. for filming... and Mike K. for uploading!!!