Shawano, Wis. 2013 is alive!

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Shawano, Wis. 2013 is alive!

Postby KiteVoice » Wed, Jan 09 2013, 07:15 PM

[quote="Mike"]Shawano: Ed told me he wasn't going to do it anymore, but I've heard that from other organizers before and then they change their mind and do it again anyway. So I guess it's not 100% sure.[/quote]

Got an email from Ed Grys this week inviting me to return to Shawano June 22, 2013 as that event's announcer. Looks like the budget is a little smaller this year. Probably no balloons. Ed and his wife are housing Peggy and me, as well as Fire and Ice in their home.

He has posted the event on the AKA calendar.
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Re: Shawano, Wis. 2013 is alive!

Postby Mike » Wed, Jan 09 2013, 08:37 PM

I should have posted this earlier, thanks for putting this up.
They lost their major sponsor, so it's a reduced budget this year.

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Re: Shawano, Wis. 2013 is alive!

Postby goestoeleven » Wed, Jan 09 2013, 09:26 PM

Thanks KV. I saw that on the AKA calendar the other day. Sorry to hear he's lost his major sponsor. A lot of businesses are hurting - especially smaller ones.

I've been working on my "big thread of festivals" data collection, and I think I'm almost ready to post the list. Shawano will be on there. I just ran out of time last weekend to finish posting. The list is actually pretty long . . . . and some of the stores haven't completely updated their web pages yet, so I don't have all the info.

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