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New Rev Spars

Posted: Wed, Jun 27 2007, 06:29 PM
by Mike
The spars that Rev has been working on for so long seem to be public now.
A little info can be found here: ... ic=507&hl=

Re: New Rev Spars

Posted: Wed, Jun 27 2007, 08:40 PM
by Babbman

And I just talked with Lolly about stuff and she mentioned nothing...

Re: New Rev Spars

Posted: Thu, Jun 28 2007, 11:50 AM
by Mike
Over at the Rev forums, those guys are bragging about knowing about the new spars a week ago. We knew they were coming for months!
We also know they were supposed to be for the new kite. No one else knows that.
Oops, I just read the Rev forum, Chris let it out of the bag! (don't tell anyone where you got the info from Chris :oops: )

Ben is working on making me a progressive stack. He says the white on the individual kites don't match, so he's waiting on a new batch of white fabric to come in. So, whenever the stack comes, I'll see if I can get a set of the new spars shipped along with my order. Hopefully, we can all try the new spars before the end of the season.

Re: New Rev Spars

Posted: Thu, Jun 28 2007, 08:41 PM
by Chris
I forgot about that! :oops:

New rods=new kite :twisted:


Re: New Rev Spars

Posted: Sat, Aug 04 2007, 06:54 PM
by Babbman
Well, Babbman's Rev Race spars showed up in a tube on my doorstep today!

too bad there is either no wind or wind and rain today

ok, so I ended up having about 20 mins of very light winds to try these out...

VERY light... not to the point of 0 wind, but in about 3 or so, I had no problem getting my B-standard up... pretty responsive also... I have a feeling these are going to bust the competition scene up a bit

Re: New Rev Spars

Posted: Tue, Aug 21 2007, 02:10 PM
by Mike
My new SUL and a set of race spars arrived today. How about some weight comparisons?
I weighed my new SUL spars and my old SUL spars and Rose's less old SUL spars. Both Rose's and my old SUL spars weigh the same.

Weight of a single spar / entire frame set:

New SUL spars 12.5g / 68g
Old SUL spars 17g / 89g !!!
Race Spars: 13g / 74g

The flex on the new SUL and old SUL spars feels about the same.
The race spars are decidedly stiffer.

My new SUL sail only, weighs 104g, my old worn out SUL sail weighs 114g.

Of course the real test will be in the flying, but still, I can't believe that my new SUL will weigh 15% (31g) less!

Re: New Rev Spars

Posted: Wed, Aug 22 2007, 09:31 PM
by Mike
Figures, the SUL comes in the mail and the winds pick up.
I spent today driving back and forth to Iowa so I wasn't able to fly today.
I still haven't tried out the new spars. Maybe this weekend we can do a flight test / spar comparison at Pontiac.