What's OK to carry on airplane?

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What's OK to carry on airplane?

Postby Mahtman » Fri, Aug 07 2015, 12:36 PM

When I go to the airport, what kite stuff will TSA allow through its airport security checkpoints as carry on luggage?

I know from repeated personal experience that kites with spars are OK.

1. Will TSA allow me to carry metal Rev handles (Mikey made, of course)?
2. Will TSA allow me to carry on metal-shafted ground stakes?
3. Will TSA allow me to carry on ground stakes with fiberglass shafts?


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Re: What's OK to carry on airplane?

Postby Mike » Fri, Aug 07 2015, 07:12 PM

I've traveled with carryon kites quite a few times.
1. No problems with metal handles.
2. I've never tried. If they noticed them, I expect they would confiscate them.
3. I have carried small fiberglass shafted ground stakes, but they didn't see them.

I have carried on an oversized aluminum drinking straw that I got a truck stop. It was in a mesh pocket on the outside of the kite sleeve and plainly visible. In the field, it jams into the the ground OK, and doesn't have a point to bother TSA.
A quick search shows aluminum ones on EBay and Stainless steel ones on Amazon.

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Re: What's OK to carry on airplane?

Postby goestoeleven » Sat, Aug 08 2015, 12:04 AM

Depends where you intend to fly. You many not need a ground stake. On the beach, you can often jam the handles into the sand, and/or find a random piece of something on the beach to use as an improvised stake. A bit more challenging on a grass field because you can't jam the handles into the ground. I usually leave a carabiner on my backpack, and then I can loop the handles/top lines through the small 'biner clipped to my bag if nothing else works. Then I never have to bring a ground stake.

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