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Re: Quad Line Length

Posted: Tue, Jul 28 2015, 11:28 PM
by makatakam
Hi, Ron. Welcome to the club and forum. Am looking forward to flying with you soon.

Re: Quad Line Length

Posted: Wed, Jul 29 2015, 11:29 AM
by Mike
RonG wrote:Am new. Just got a Rev kite and have a 75 foot line set and a 120 foot line set. Glad I got the 75 foot line. Have not used the 120 foot line. Would recomment getting 75 - 80 foot line to learn on. Very responsive and for me when learning responsiveness is everything. Also the "walk of shame" at 120 feet can quickly destroy ones enthusiasm given the newness and aprehension about flying quad lines successfully a first time quad line kite can bring.

Just some thoughts.


Ron in South Elgin

Good thought about the "walk of shame", I didn't think of that. Thanks for sharing you experience.