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GuildWorks Syndergy Deca

Posted: Sun, Apr 19 2015, 10:24 PM
by markgs
Hi Guys,

I was going through my grandpa's old kites awhile ago and I found a really cool quad called a Synergy Deca by Guildworks. The problem is that this quad is the most confusing kite I have ever seen. Problems with putting it together are made worse by the fact that I'm pretty sure half the spars are missing/broken.

I posted about my kite on a different forum and was directed here. I was even given a few names I could contact but I since I'm such a new member I cant send them private messages yet (forum setting, it seems).

I've since been directed, by some very helpful people, to the original manual (for reference it is ... manual.pdf ) But I'm still looking for someone that can help me with a parts and dimensions list.... I'm going to have to make/find/salvage several new spars for this kite.

I'd also love to find someone that has a Synergy Deca that I could trouble shoot with as I work on my re-build :)

Re: GuildWorks Syndergy Deca

Posted: Sun, Apr 19 2015, 11:38 PM
by makatakam
Hi, and welcome to the forum. I'm the guy who directed you here. Hang in there, Steve Anderson will chime in on this thread. He has a Synergy or two.

Re: GuildWorks Syndergy Deca

Posted: Mon, Apr 20 2015, 09:00 AM
by goestoeleven
Yep, here I am. I own a few Guildworks kites, but I don't have a Deca (yet). You may not be missing anything - the guildworks kites are pretty confusing to put together. I'd also suggest keeping all your grandpa's old kite stuff - it may be that the parts are there, just not in the original bag/sleeve.

Where are you located? It might help if we could meet.

Re: GuildWorks Syndergy Deca

Posted: Mon, Apr 20 2015, 11:52 AM
by Mike
I have an old light wind decca, I'd have to dig it up out of the basement, but I think it's missing parts too.

Re: GuildWorks Syndergy Deca

Posted: Mon, Apr 20 2015, 01:13 PM
by markgs
spars.JPG (129.53 KiB) Viewed 4243 times
Hey guys,

Thanks for connecting with me. I'm actually in Utah so it might be a little tough to meet up.

I've attached a photo of the spars I have. Some of the spars read "The Advantage, Professional use only, Revolution Enterprises Composites Division"- I believe these are the original spars and made sourced through Revolution. I have one of these spars that is for sure broken. I have several other spars that where in the bag that have the Revolution logo and read "Professional Use Only"- I believe these are the spars Grandpa, at one time thought of using to repair the kite with.

I'll search around in G'pa's pile 'o kite parts and see if I can find anything else that might belong to the Deca.

I'll keep you guys updated on my treasure hunt!

Thanks again for the support. It's encouraging to know there are more people than me that want to see this kite fly again!

Re: GuildWorks Syndergy Deca

Posted: Mon, Apr 20 2015, 01:49 PM
by markgs
Okay Guys,

Any idea which model I have?

I'm trying to figure out which of the three Syndergy Deca Kites I have. If you look on page 13 on the manual that I posted on my first post, you can follow along with me.

I have the following spars
2, 20"
1, 32.5"
1, 28.5"
2, 28.5" (These spars are the two that are tied onto the lines in the attached photos. These spars also have 1.5" of nub that sheaths inside of the other spars.)
I also have one broken spar, and the Revolution spars.

If you look at the part list on page 13, you will see that none of my spars fall into just one Model category. The 20" spars are the ones that throw everything off. If the 20" spars are the driving factor then the only kite I can have is the A-1 but then none of the other spars work. If I have model 6 then the 20" spars are .25" too short. If I have model 15 then the 20" spars I have are .75" too long.

hahah any ideas? Does anyone know based off of the sail colors? I haven't found any documentation of model differences in sail size, and that would be the easiest way to tell what I have..

Thanks for reading.

Re: GuildWorks Syndergy Deca

Posted: Mon, Apr 20 2015, 06:30 PM
by Mike
Sorry, the colors look familiar but it's been too long.
Has anyone else seen Rev spars on a Decca? I haven't, but the builders moved around a bit and maybe used different suppliers.
I last saw one of the Guildworks guys at the Dekalb festival several years ago. I think his name was Paul? Anyone have contact info? He was living in Madison at the time.

Re: GuildWorks Syndergy Deca

Posted: Mon, Apr 20 2015, 09:12 PM
by makatakam
I believe it's a Deca 6, but I could be wrong. I also remember the Deca flying in DeKalb about 4 years ago, and how gracefully it moved. The guy flying it was very good with that kite. The only other one I've seen in person was Steve's at the IKE retreat in 2012.

Re: GuildWorks Syndergy Deca

Posted: Mon, Apr 20 2015, 09:58 PM
by markgs
Mission complete!

I spent more hours than I'd like to admit researching, talking with people, and finally re-tying every line multiple times to get the tension just right. Getting the tension right was a matter of feeling the sail, measuring the webbing, and even plucking the strings- that's right, there is so much tension built into this kite that you can actually pluck the strings to hear how equal the elements are!

Turns out my kite is a Deca 6 and is a version that was manufactured by Invento kites during a brief partnership between their company and GuildWorks. The spars reading "The Advantage" are indeed originals to this particular run however all the Deca kites where tweaked a bit during each production (this explains my 20" spars). I had to replace one of the spars with a spare Rev spar that was in the bag already (basically Grandpa already did the replacing).

Attached is a pic of me, 93 year old Grandpa and our kite.

Thanks again for everyone's contributions to my journey. I'll post some more pictures when I fly it!

Re: GuildWorks Syndergy Deca

Posted: Tue, Apr 21 2015, 07:39 AM
by goestoeleven
Very cool! Thanks for sharing. I'll bet your Grandpa got a kick out of seeing the kite put together again.

FYI, if you haven't flown four line kites before, they can be hard to master without some help from someone who has flown before. Don't give up if you can't fly it on the first try. It took me quite a lot of flying on revolution kites before I even picked up a guildworks kite, and I'm still challenged when I fly my little A-1.

Re: GuildWorks Syndergy Deca

Posted: Tue, Apr 21 2015, 10:02 AM
by makatakam
That looks great. Appears to be properly assembled and tensioned. You did one helluva job. With your level of patience you should be able to learn how to fly it with no problem.

Grandpa has probably flown it before, or other quad-line kites. He's the one to show you how it's done.

Re: GuildWorks Syndergy Deca

Posted: Tue, Apr 21 2015, 01:01 PM
by Mike
very cool!

Re: GuildWorks Syndergy Deca

Posted: Tue, Apr 21 2015, 01:39 PM
by TMadz
That's fabulous. I hope you can share this together.

Re: GuildWorks Syndergy Deca

Posted: Fri, Mar 25 2016, 10:54 PM
by goestoeleven
Hey, reviving this thread . . . hoping markgs gets an email notification. I'm wondering did you ever get to fly the Deca 6?