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Wind Range Rev SUL

Posted: Wed, Feb 20 2008, 11:41 AM
by simmer
Hi guys,
I'm an italian dual line stunkiter. In my field there is always a light breeze. I fly 90% of time with ul kite.
I would buy a rev kite, a 1.5.
I've 2 questions, i've just read all past posts but i cannot find any answare.
If i buy a 1.5 standard changing 3wrap LE with p200 LE, how much can i lower wind range? 2 mph?
And so if i buy a 1.5 SUL, how much can i raise wind range changing LE?
I think a 1.5 standard with 2 wrap LE is enough heavy for my wind condition.
So, should be better a SUL and eventually i should put a heavier LE for windy days even if have spectra bridle and lighter sail.
I never fly with wind up to 15 mph!
Some suggestion?

-- kite club

Re: Wind Range Rev SUL

Posted: Wed, Feb 20 2008, 02:57 PM
by TeamTrejo
You would be better off getting an SUL plus either an extra 3 wrap or Race frame set. This should easily give you a 2 to 15 mph wind range.

Re: Wind Range Rev SUL

Posted: Wed, Feb 20 2008, 10:38 PM
by Mike
Definitely. Get an SUL, just the way it comes.
You can add a 3 wrap frame and be able to fly up to 15mph.

However, at 15mph you would be better off with a vented. But since that doesn't happen very often where you live, you can wait before deciding to add a vented kite.

Once you get your kite, be sure to write back to us and tell us how things are going. We have a lot of enthusiatic Revolution fliers here.

Welcome to our forum!

Re: Wind Range Rev SUL

Posted: Sat, Feb 23 2008, 07:20 AM
by Mike
The B-Series Rev comes with a 2 wrap and a 3 wrap frame and flys beautifully too.