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Tipps For A NewBe :)

Posted: Tue, Jan 15 2008, 08:23 PM
by Mux11
Ok, been doing the SLK for a couple years and can throw up quite a show by my self I found out this past warm spell a week or so ago.
I owe it to IKE to have gotten me on the QL side. I had told my friends that are flyers that I liked the single line and didnt think I would go more than 1. Well I picked up a JB Rev in early dec. from Midwest.

Now I just need to get the thing airborne. Granted the weather isnt the best for trying to get one of these up as I have to find steady winds.

I was wondering what you all would recommend for tipps for newbes?

Re: Tipps For A NewBe :)

Posted: Tue, Jan 15 2008, 08:28 PM
by Chris
All I can really say, is watch the DVD that should have come with the kite, and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE :wink:

The best bit of advice I can give, is to resist the urge to try and fly in gusty or high winds. It's a good way to break a leading edge.

Re: Tipps For A NewBe :)

Posted: Tue, Jan 15 2008, 09:55 PM
by Frodos Majik
another thing is...

when you do start to get air born, the kite will want to lean to one side or the other (left or right side)
what ever side is high - point that thumb towards the kite - right side high, right thumb.

when you see the kite start to level back out bring your thumb back to pointing back up. there is a fine line between not enough and too much, but after awhile you will get a feel for it. If you point your thumb too long the kite will spin.

Like Chris said watch the dvd it will help in understanding the basics and practice practice practice!! :up:

and dont forget to have fun!! Even in the trying times, because believe me you will have some trying times as WE ALL have. We all started where you are now. :wink: :wink:

Re: Tipps For A NewBe :)

Posted: Tue, Jan 15 2008, 10:31 PM
by Jeff
The best thing for me was to be out there with other fliers. Watching what others do, and getting first hand advice while on the field is the best. The videos can give you a good starting point, you're going to want to get out with others.

Re: Tipps For A NewBe :)

Posted: Mon, Feb 25 2008, 10:39 PM
by Mux11
:shock: Well I can say after learning how to reset the lines many times and with the wind picking up
I was able to get up around, where i wanted to go at that.

Went out yesterday with super light wind and decided to put in the lighter sparing which did make a difference.

thought i would share.

Re: Tipps For A NewBe :)

Posted: Tue, Feb 26 2008, 08:01 AM
by Mike
thanks for sharing. Lighter spars do make a big difference!