Balloons and Tunes Columbus (Grove City) Ohio

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Balloons and Tunes Columbus (Grove City) Ohio

Postby O2bkytn » Fri, Mar 30 2012, 12:04 AM

We have been invited to participate at the "Balloons and Tunes" hot air balloon festival again for our 2nd year!
If you are (or going to be) in or around Columbus, Ohio during the weekend of August 24-25, please come fly with us!!
Live bands, lots of food vendors, plenty of things for the kids to do, balloon rides and "tethered flights" and more.
We had a great flying field last year, and had a ball!
The spectator reaction was the best. We "stole the show" last year on Saturday all day when the wind picked up too much for the balloons!
The restrictions from last year regarding times when we can fly and times we can't have been adjusted and they will let us fly for much longer periods this year.
Ohio needs another great kite event, help us make it happen!
Please contact me via PM or email if you or someone you know can help us put on a great show!

Thanks! :up:
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Re: Balloons and Tunes Columbus (Grove City) Ohio

Postby Mike » Fri, Mar 30 2012, 08:22 AM

180GO! might be able to do this one, I sent you an email.

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