Cabo San Lucas Kite Fiesta

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Cabo San Lucas Kite Fiesta

Postby Mike » Sun, Jan 29 2012, 10:37 AM

Perhaps Jeepster would like to give us more info on this one?
It's been going on for a couple years. It's a meet-up of mostly Show Kite guys, but not exclusively.
You spend a weekend or a week at an all-inclusive resort near Cabo San Lucas (San José del Cabo).
All inclusive, means everything--even alcohol--is included.
June 8-10th, 2012

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Re: Cabo San Lucas Kite Fiesta

Postby Jeepster » Sun, Jan 29 2012, 05:35 PM

This is the third year for this festival to be held in Cabo San Lucas. We went the first year on a whim and had a blast. Thus, we also went last year and have reservations again for this year. It's not really a festival ... more like Kite Party on steroids!!! Last year it was about 200 feet from our room to the cabana for drinks and food. Then about 40 feet to the sand ... had to walk an additional 200 feet or so to the anchors for the large kites. Then back to the cabana for rest and relaxation.

The first year I took my Revs and a 24 sq foot sled. No one gave me any static ... teasing, but no hassle for being primarily a Rev flyer. Last year I took a 100 and 20 sq foot foil plus my Revs. David Gomberg brought inflatables so he proceeded to filled my kite line with laundry. It's a very laid back get together ... fly if you want or simply sit in the shade and BS.

The first year my wife went zip lining, bungee jumping and quad riding. Last year she walked around town and visited the sites. Don't know what she'll do this year, but she's looking forward to going.

There usually are about ten couples. Darryl Waters brought his mother the first year for a room mate. This is not an invitation only festival, but a quick call to Barry Ogletree ( will get you all the info you need.

The hotel is an excellent establishment. Food was fantastic. The price is all inclusive ... airfare, taxi to-and-from the hotel, hotel, food, drinks, tips, entertainment. Most of us tipped extra ... the service was fantastic. Airfare out of the Peoria area is a little high ... we're going to fly out of St Louis. We'll be there from Monday-to-Monday with the cost for both of us at about $2500.

Drop me a line if you want more info ... or call Barry.

Oh yes, Barry created the attached poster for me ... you'll notice the Rev was added just over the umbrella.


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