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More March 24th Club Fly - Morton Arboretum

Posted: Mon, Mar 26 2007, 03:04 PM
by Babbman
As everyone should know, Chris and I went over to Morton Arboretum on the 24th to help out our sponsor, Chicago Kite/Dave Zavell with a demonstration that was held...

There were 4 different reporters out there and there are supposed to be write ups in The Sun, Daily Herald, Glen Ellyn and Liberty newspapers... As I find references, I'll post them in this thread...

It was great fun and we enjoyed helping Dave out... I know for myself that I got the opportunity to fly in some zero wind with Dave's Pro Dancers. While I became no expert in flying them, it was something that I had wanted to work on and in the end, after getting the chance to fly my Tetrahedron for a few mins, it was the only other flying I got to do that day..

Here's one of the 1st articles I've found...

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Arboretum to hold kite-flying exhibition

By Ann Piccininni
Daily Herald Correspondent
Posted Thursday, March 22, 2007

An invisible force of nature encountered by all of Earth’s creatures is being experienced, studied and played with this month at Morton Arboretum.

“Wind is important to the trees, it’s important to the plants,â€

Re: More March 24th Club Fly - Morton Arboretum

Posted: Mon, Mar 26 2007, 03:16 PM
by Mike
Babbman wrote:basic stunts they’ve promised — figure eights, circles and dives, ...
...Kites can fly about 100 feet and ride wind currents as fast as 70 mph....
Vavell said

David Vavell :rotfl
Figure eights!!! Oooh! :shock:
70 mph!! that's some vented sport kite! Maybe a traction kiter with a death wish... :twisted:

But seriously folks, any publicity is good publicity. And the crowd understands figure 8's better than some of the slack like tricks too. I'm just havin' fun.