July 22 Not Really Club Fly/Not Really Festival

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July 22 Not Really Club Fly/Not Really Festival

Postby Babbman » Fri, Mar 23 2007, 04:03 PM

My Church is planning an event on Sunday, July 22nd as part of our capital campaign... kind of a social/ice cream/music prayer event... they asked if I could launch some kites for them...

I'm working on coming up with some ideas for religious themed kites to make up for the event also... maybe a Rok, Edo, etc...

Anyone feel like participating? If there is wind that day, we have about 50 acres of land thats nice and open right now... This would be in Yorkville at Galena Rd & Kennedy.

Chris (aka Babbman)

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Re: July 22 Not Really Club Fly/Not Really Festival

Postby Chris » Fri, Mar 23 2007, 04:24 PM

You know I'm there :up: :up: :mrblue:
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Re: July 22 Not Really Club Fly/Not Really Festival

Postby Knoted4ever » Fri, Mar 23 2007, 07:35 PM

i'd like to come. i am a true iconoclast, for sure, (please don't hold it against me) and would be hesitant if there were a lot of "religious symbols" flying around. A lot of people equate the way i am with what they, in their minds, categorize with "atheism"; but that is ludicrous and extremely far from the truth... (as may be their consciousness).

Symbols... and words are symbols... are representations; the word is not the thing. Most people, unfortunately, i think, have invested farr too much in the egg basket of symbols... the patterns of symbols consist of the bulk of their consciousness; they even perceive things in the world through the screen of symbols and patterns of fragmentation.

excerpt from R.D. Laing, from the book entitled "knots":


as finger to moon
so form to formless


as finger is to moon

[all possible expressions, forms, propositions,
including this one, made or yet to be made,
together with the brackets]
are to...
Tom P.
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Re: July 22 Not Really Club Fly/Not Really Festival

Postby Draftnik » Fri, Mar 23 2007, 08:37 PM

It's doubtful we'll see any Madonna's or a Crucifix flying. If if that helps Knoted.

It's likely we'd be able to make it, Babbman.

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