Local Club Fly 3/30?

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Re: Local Club Fly 3/30?

Postby Trigger » Sun, Mar 30 2014, 07:38 PM

we had next to no wind but got some SULs up and had a good time. We were out for 2hrs and flew for about 45 minuts. winds were moving 360 degrees.

NEVER thought this could happen, wish we had it on video!!!
At one point he and I were on opposite sides of the field with our kites flying directly between us! There must have been a north and south wind fighting eachother and we were riding the divding line! it was pretty cool to see!

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Re: Local Club Fly 3/30?

Postby TMadz » Sun, Mar 30 2014, 10:06 PM

Plenty of wind this afternoon. Got to put up a sled and some laundry. It felt glorious and ugly at the same time. Got a couple of hours of practice with the vented on the new 120's. They helped with the reaction time too.

Hoping to get some fly time in tomorrow in shorts.
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