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Flying Oct 30, 2010 - Western Chicago Suburbs?

Posted: Fri, Oct 29 2010, 10:22 AM
by goestoeleven
Anyone interested in flying tomorrow?

I'm planning to go flying for a few hours Saturday October 30th with my son David, somewhere in the western suburbs of Chicago, in case anyone is interested in joining us. Probably forest preserves or parks in the Lisle/Wheaton/Naperville area, although I'm open to suggestions if anyone wants to join us. Here's our "home" field, and the most likely spot unless someone else has some suggestions: ... 2&t=h&z=17

(Thank you Jeff for posting it to the maps).

The field is located just north of I-88 and is right next to the forest preserve offices, so there's easy parking & access. It's got some trees around it but is pretty big, well mowed, and nearly always deserted as it's in the middle of a little-used horse track that's part of Danada farm.

Right now, based on the wind forecast, I'm thinking late morning to early afternoon - i.e. 11 or noon to 1 or 2 pm (or maybe longer if the flying is good and my son does not get tired).

Re: Flying Oct 30, 2010 - Western Chicago Suburbs?

Posted: Sat, Oct 30 2010, 12:12 AM
by Jeff
I wish I could, but I don't think I can get away for long enough. That's about an hour and a quarter for me to get to.

Re: Flying Oct 30, 2010 - Western Chicago Suburbs?

Posted: Sat, Oct 30 2010, 08:33 AM
by goestoeleven
Want to suggest somewhere else halfway between our two locations to cut your commute down? Maybe Schaumburg area (like the Busse Woods north parking lot marked on the Google IKE map)? I'm not set on the location - it just looks like another great windy day! I'll check this thread before I head out the door & I'll head there (with an update to the thread) if you think you can make it. Right now, I'm targeting to head out around 11 or noon, assuming I can get my honey-do list halfway done.

Also - our "home" field could probably be re-labeled as Danada Farm Forest Preserve on the IKE map. It might technically be in Lisle, but it's also part of the Forest Preserve. Thanks.

:revspin: Update - going to the "home field" at Danada. :-D

Hope other ike'ers are getting out on their home fields today too. Looks like a good day for flying.