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forcast for the 24th

Posted: Fri, Nov 24 2006, 06:58 AM
by Chris
:clubfly: :clubfly: mostly sunny, high in the low 60's, and wind from the South at 10 to 15 :clubfly: :clubfly:

Re: Nov 24th Club Fly!!!

Posted: Fri, Nov 24 2006, 06:15 PM
by Knoted4ever
Chris wrote:Welcome to the club, knotted4ever, we have a few dedicated dualies around here somewhere :-D

And yes, Mike is the one who really got the ball rolling on this club! We have a couple great spots in the bourbonais area. We want to move our club flys around a bit to even up the drive times. The next fly after the 24th, will more than likely be south. Welcome again and hope you had a great turkey day!

Thanks, Chris! :wink:

My user name is Knoted4ever, by the way, not "Knotted4ever". No problem though; it's naturally what kite flyers come up with! :idea: It actually would be separated like: K noted 4 ever; K being the name of a philosopher that i particularly am appreciative of (i.e., J. Krishnamurti... people, who knew him, called him "K")... and noted meaning something like: "having been paid attention to".

i'm not surprised that Mike had a big hand in forming the club; his deep enthusiasm for kites and love for the art of kiting is very easily spotted!

i flew locally today... and the winds were rather high! i flew the Sea Devil Mid-Vent though... and it wasn't too bad!