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Re: Nov 21st Club Fly

Posted: Fri, Nov 20 2009, 12:42 AM
by Frodos Majik
Wow really sorry to hear all that Chris, got you in my prayers. Hope things do a SUPER 180!! for you in the new year coming round the corner!!! :up:

As far as the rest have a great time flying your butts off, and wish me luck in coming home with a nice
big -o- trophy from the car show.

and not to forget Lady Lynn - Happy B-Day and here is hoping you also have good winds to play with on that special day too.

Re: Nov 21st Club Fly

Posted: Fri, Nov 20 2009, 01:35 AM
by Jynx
Chris ~

Thanks for the update...

Wishing them well, and you the strength needed to care for them!

Hoping for sunnier days ahead!

Re: Nov 21st Club Fly

Posted: Fri, Nov 20 2009, 11:58 AM
by Mike
Jim Foster wrote:You folks all have a good fly.
The 21st is Lynn's birthday, so we'll most likely go fly at Fairview Park in Costa Mesa.
Mike knows that park.

Happy Birthday Lynn!
I'll be out there around Xmas and New Years, I'll catch up with you guys then.

Re: Nov 21st Club Fly

Posted: Fri, Nov 20 2009, 11:59 AM
by Mike
Babbman wrote:This year has kinda sucked!

I hear ya my friend, here's to a better 2010!

Re: Nov 21st Club Fly

Posted: Fri, Nov 20 2009, 06:29 PM
by Jeepster

Sorry to hear about the problems with your family ... we'll keep you in our prayers.


Re: Nov 21st Club Fly

Posted: Sun, Nov 22 2009, 10:36 AM
by Mike
Really nice winds yesterday. Light but smooooth. As Isaac said, like a West coast beach wind.
Sunny too. I never thought I'd be flying in shirt sleeves this late in November!

It was fun flying with Kathy, Isaac, Mark, Chris and John. Thanks for the pizza Isaac, and thanks for the delivery service Mary Kay and Chili.
We did some team flying with Chris, John, Isaac and myself, and added Kathy to the mix for some team follows.
Mark has built some pretty cool quads. He's still tweaking them, but we were flying them in the light winds without any problems.

Mark, I'll bring some sailcloth-type ripstop nylon to the next meet-up so you can see what I'm talking about.

Re: Nov 21st Club Fly

Posted: Mon, Nov 23 2009, 05:35 PM
by TeamTrejo
It was nice to get some flying in. Wind was very light but steady the whole time. Just an awesome day for November.

Your welcome for the Pizza. Pizzeria Due is the best. Looks like we have a new tradition for Northerly Island Club flys.

Re: Nov 21st Club Fly

Posted: Mon, Nov 23 2009, 10:24 PM
by RevJB
Chris, we hope your mom and father-in-law are doing better. Our family's thoughts are with you.


Hard to believe we were on the shores of Lake Michigan in late November and we were in shirtsleeves! Nice steady, light breeze.

Mike and Chris chased a family with their kites.

The huge tent (indoor flying arena :-) ) has been taken down, improving the views of the skyline.

It was fun team flying for my second time. The light wind was challenging, but great practice.

Mark made a bridle on the spot for his new quad.

Issac and family: Thanks for the pizza and delivery!

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Re: Nov 21st Club Fly

Posted: Tue, Nov 24 2009, 07:27 AM
by Babbman
well, here's the quick update on my mom.

For a 68 year old woman, she's handled everything pretty well. They did have to put her chest tube back in on Sat to help her breath but she's been getting better everyday... And the way we are tracking it is by how many tubes they remove each thank god she has a sense of humor like mine... scary, eh? lol

She has a neighbor who doesn't know how to push the red nurse call button and just starts screaming 'HELP! HELP! HELP ME!!!" ... its rather ridiculous as she's now graduated to pushing something off her tray on to the floor, coughing like she's dying and THEN screaming 'HELP! HELP! HELP ME!!!" thank god THAT one is going home today and GOD HELP her family! lol

We are looking at her getting out possibly Wed but it really looks more like Friday will be the day... We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving in the hospital, more than likely but really, who cares where as long as we still have Mom there...

Thanks everyone for your thoughts...

Re: Nov 21st Club Fly

Posted: Tue, Nov 24 2009, 10:53 AM
by Mike
Thanks for the update, Chris. Good news that your Mom is on the mend. Enjoy that hospital turkey dinner :P

Re: Nov 21st Club Fly

Posted: Wed, Nov 25 2009, 09:11 AM
by Mike
Re: the discussion we had at the club fly about the Skydancer and whether or not it had a scalloped trailing edge.
We were all correct. Some do, some don't. A photo of a new one by Con Engels just showed up on Facebook: Image