Has It Really Be About A Year!!!>!>!!>???

An IKE sister club, connecting Kiteheads in the greater Quad City area.
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Has It Really Be About A Year!!!>!>!!>???

Postby Mux11 » Tue, May 03 2011, 04:54 PM

Yoinks! Amazed it has been about a year since I have posted on the board!

Whats happening? Regular club meeting and flys around the QCA - mentioned in the newsletter.

We did kite day at the family museum and made about 225 kites with kids and had a little fest out in the cold - March 26th.

Just got my kites down from hanging in the Family museum's grand hall. Yes there were tears from guests and staff alike.

There are a couple of us talking about doing some group build stuff....
Getting ready for the season! promise it wont be so long in-between!

So - time to fly.

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Re: Has It Really Be About A Year!!!>!>!!>???

Postby backdraft » Tue, May 03 2011, 06:17 PM

Wow a whole year? No wonder we miss ya...:D

Well glad you're posting again!

Mike S.
Big Mike

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Re: Has It Really Be About A Year!!!>!>!!>???

Postby Mike » Wed, May 04 2011, 06:58 AM

That's cool. Is your newsletter sent via snail mail or email? Perhaps you could post copies here too?

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