2008: May 11, Wind Weekend at Freeport, IL

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2008: May 11, Wind Weekend at Freeport, IL

Postby Mike » Mon, Apr 21 2008, 04:32 PM

Wind Weekend
Sunday May 11
Freeport, IL

Actually some stuff on May 10 too.
Many of us are tied up in Grinnell, but they would love to have more fliers.

...Our first annual, Wind Weekend event. It will take place in Freeport, IL - about 22 miles west of Rockford. The festivities will begin Saturday, May 10, and carry over into Sunday (Mother's Day). This event is a chance for our community to create, learn, play, and connect with one another - and I am happy to extend a special invitation to you all.

Schools and community organizations throughout the Freeport area are encouraging students and group members to participate. We are providing roughly 500 kites to elementary school students, developing class projects for older kids (in which students create their own non-conventional kites), and are happily extending an open invitation to anybody who just likes to fly kites!

We kick things off Saturday in beautiful Taylor Park, Freeport, IL. This event is geared toward younger kids who will have created their own kite in school. Saturday will be a prelude to Sunday, where we will take the kite flying to the spacious campus of Freeport's Highland Community College. Music, food, and a range of "windy" activities will fill Mother's Day as friends and families gather for Sunday fun.

I am excited to welcome you to our Wind Weekend kite flying event and hope that you can come share your love of kites!

The web page can be found here..

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Re: 2008: May 11, Wind Weekend At Freeport, IL

Postby akillip » Mon, Apr 21 2008, 08:13 PM

We will be there both days, wind permitting we will do candy drops on Saturday, and will fly the big stuff on Sunday. Will set up for sells on Sunday as well.


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