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Google Calendar

Posted: Thu, Aug 02 2007, 01:02 PM
by Jeff
Anybody else use Google Calendar?

I have tried several online calendars, and have found it to be the one I like best. It's a simple interface, and I like how you can have several independent calendars, and view any or all at one time. In fact, I have an IKE calendar where I put in just Club related stuff, and can see it against all my other information.

The reason I ask is that I wondered if anyone else would care to make use of it for scheduling and making notes on Club events and festivals? Anybody else with a Google account that uses Calendar can subscribe to it and make use of it, and I'd be glad to open up editing permissions to Club members, so we can make it a shared, collaborative tool.

I believe you need to have a Google account for editing, but if you only want to view the calendar, it is available in a few other versions for non-Google users...

HTML link: ...
iCal link: ... /basic.ics
RSS feed Link: ... blic/basic

It's pretty convenient. You can put in location information that links directly to Google Maps, you can track attendance. It's really handy.

Anyway, I bring it up since I already use this tool, and I thought others might like to share in it as well. If you want to have editing access to it, PM me your Gmail name, and I will add you as an administrator for the calendar.

Re: Google Calendar

Posted: Thu, Aug 02 2007, 05:00 PM
by Mike
My family uses it quite a bit. Everyone in the family, even those off at college use it. I've written a program that downloads, combines, and displays a color-coded version on a monitor that's used just for displaying the calendar, photos and kite related weather graphs. (I have several monitors hooked up to my computer)
I also sync the whole family's calendar onto my phone every morning.

In other words, an IKE Google calendar would fit in well with my digital/geek lifestyle!

Re: Google Calendar

Posted: Thu, Aug 02 2007, 07:02 PM
by Jeff
It's a new era. Geeks are cool. 8)

(I've given you permission to edit the calendar.)

Re: Google Calendar

Posted: Thu, Aug 02 2007, 07:08 PM
by Jeff
Silly me, I forgot the direct link to the calendar for Google users... :oops: ...