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Postby Mike » Fri, Apr 06 2007, 02:50 PM

If you would like the best looking cards, contact Ken about getting some professionally printed.
The next best option is to print them off your computer.

You need to install this font first: download
When you download the font, notice what folder you downloaded it to!
Then run the windows control panel (Start/Control Panel) to install the font.

Now, download the Word Document here.
Change the text from my name to yours by double clicking on it and typing new text.
You don't have to put a phone number or email. It's up to you.

Change the text of "Illinois Kite Enthusiasts" to red or gray, your choice.

I like to make the lines of text all the same length.
In my version of word:
highlight the text you want to expand or shrink.
go to the menu: Format/Font/ click on Character Spacing
play with "Scale".

Go to an office supply store and buy some blank stock compatible with Avery #8371.

Print it out!
Works on my setup here at home, your mileage may vary.
Write back here with tips or questions.

OK, first tip. Print out a rough draft on plain paper and hold it up to the light with the card stock to make sure the print lines up correctly.
Second tip: If Word keeps converting your email address into an underlined blue web link--right click on the email address and choose hyperlink/ remove hyperlink.

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