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Wayne Day October 4, 2014

Posted: Sat, Sep 06 2014, 02:27 PM
by Karen
Once again. IKE members and their friends are welcome to come to Dunham field in Wayne on October 4 to fly their kites. This is a big (for us) community picnic that usually draws about 250 people depending in the weather.We offer simple paper kites to the children who really enjoyed an IKE member who came a few years ago with an AWESOME kite! We have a pig roast and bonfire at dusk. Would love to see special kites and YOU would love our field!
Wayne Illinois, east of St Charles. We start around 3 but come whenever, we are there pretty much all day!

Re: Wayne Day October 4, 2014

Posted: Sat, Sep 06 2014, 04:36 PM
by goestoeleven
Thanks for the invite. I'm guessing the IKE member with the kite was me (and probably Mark - makatakam). My daughter used to take riding lessons there but has since stopped. I used to fly on that field pretty much every time I drove her to lessons.

For the IKE members that haven't been there, it's here. Upper left corner of the field (upper center on the link) is where I used to fly (just east of the barns and south of Army Trail). The southern half of the field is lower elevation and can be a bit wet. Northern end is pretty good, especially if the wind is out of the south or east.

Re: Wayne Day October 4, 2014

Posted: Sat, Sep 06 2014, 07:20 PM
by basicbill
I'll be there probably. Short drive for me. Thanks for the invitation. Would like to KAP that area, too.


Re: Wayne Day October 4, 2014

Posted: Sat, Sep 06 2014, 11:28 PM
by TMadz
I thought that was private land? part of the stables? I worked very close to there for years. Golfed at Royal Fox a few times too. Not many places in Wayne without trees.

Pretty short drive for me as well. Thanks for the invite.

Re: Wayne Day October 4, 2014

Posted: Sun, Sep 07 2014, 09:23 AM
by goestoeleven
There are two parts to the stables - there's the Dunham Woods riding club, which is private, and the Dunham Woods stables, which are (I think) related to the park district, although they board horses owned by individuals as well. I think the first riding lessons my daughter took were through the park district, then if you want more advanced lessons you have to switch to non-park district group lessons.

So, I think the land might be part of the park district . . . I really don't know who owns it but I never had an issue with flying kites there.

Re: Wayne Day October 4, 2014

Posted: Sun, Oct 05 2014, 05:20 PM
by goestoeleven
Karen - sorry I missed this, but I had work to do and could not make it. Hope you had a good day anyway. Let us know if it will be happening next year.