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The language of kiting

Posted: Mon, Aug 08 2011, 03:07 PM
by makatakam
As I mentioned in other posts, I've been to the rev forum where I've recently looked over the posts in the I-quad team manual, and the discussion regarding international team and mega-flys, where there appears to be quite a bit of tribulation over the language used in calling figures, formations and moves. It seems people from other countries have difficulty understanding calls made in English, just as we in this country would have difficulty understanding the calls if they were being made in German, or Spanish, or (God forbid) Japanese.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the kiting community had it's own language? A language which every other kiter in the world understood? Everyone, everywhere? Creating this international language would be an overwhelming undertaking, certainly beyond the abilities of common mortals. Ahh, if only someone bestowed upon us earthlings this most excellent gift!

WAIT A SECOND!!!! This language already exists!! It's called "Esperanto" -- heard of it? Ring a bell on the back burner of your mind? If the kiting community adopted it, we could all communicate on a common level; calling moves and having them understood by all participants would become a piece of cake, and as a bonus, it would lend a greater aura of mystery and wonder to merely flying a kite.

It would also put all fliers on the same level; all would have to learn and grow at the same pace. It would eliminate a great deal of misunderstanding and even animosity that could result from misinterpretation. The root words in this language are garnered from a multitude of languages (including English), which gives everyone a head-start in learning. Example: kite=kajto (which is pronounced "kahyt-aw"). Is there actually anyone, who speaks English or American, who would have any problem understanding this one?

I could cite hundreds of other examples, but if you investigate the language by yourself, I believe you'll find it can be a viable alternative to a "MEGA-WALK OF SHAME".

Search on the web and check it out on Wickipedia; don't let what you see scare you, it's much simpler than it appears!

Re: The language of kiting

Posted: Mon, Aug 08 2011, 05:11 PM
by Darkspark
Mark.....Time to start looking for another job :-)
Other options- Piglatin
Elvish- but which variety- Wood elves or the Rivendale variety

If only there was a language that was universal and taught the world around..........

Re: The language of kiting

Posted: Mon, Aug 08 2011, 05:31 PM
by makatakam
If only there was a language that was universal and taught the world around..........[/quote]

There is, it's called Esperanto. Elvish has left the building.