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Poll For T-shirts

Postby RevJB » Sat, Jun 27 2009, 11:08 PM

Time for a poll on T-shirt design. I'm happy to add other designs and don't assume those I've offered up are the only choices. If you want something different, just vote for it. Honor system to vote only once. This isn't American Idol.

Babbman wrote:
...Think of the existing IKE shirts. Logo in the front, IKE text on the back...

..We have black shirts for the team, red shirts for 'fans' ...

IKE logo where it is on the front, 180 Go! on the back with the fan of kites larger and in the center of the back of the shirt.
All in White.
If we must, put 180 Go! in the front of the shirt too.
Simple design, simple message...

Versions are shown below.

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Click on the links to vote. First is for design choice, second is for 180G0 logo placement.

T-Shirt poll

Logo placement

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