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Illinois Association Of Park Districts - Flying 4 Kids Month

Posted: Thu, Mar 13 2008, 10:40 AM
by Jeff
Just some information I came across that you may find interesting. I found this while looking up those kite license plates...

You may know that in Illinois, you can get all kinds of specialized license plates that have a surcharge on them that raises money for some special cause. Well one of them is the Park District Youth Program.


I noticed that for the new festival in Glenview on April 5th, the information reads, "Co-sponsored by the Illinois Park and Recreation Association to promote the lifelong benefits of fitness, health and nutrition and to increase awareness of the special Park District Youth License Plate program which funds youth activities in Illinois park and recreation agencies."

And I had seen that notice in the paper for the Vernon Hills Flying 4 Kids event on April 26 that I posted about before that mentioned the license plate program.

So, noticing the common thread, I went and found the website for the IAPD, and found this:

IAPD is coordinating the fourth annual "Flying 4 Kids," statewide kite fly designed to create awareness and increase sales of the Park District Youth License Plate, an important revenue-generator for park district beyond-school programming in Illinois. Our goal is to have every park, recreation and special recreation agency in the state host a kite fly during April 2008.* We will provide participating agencies with a FREE event planning kit, license plate brochures and other promotional materials.

*Kite fly events held during months other than April can still be hosted as "Flying 4 KIDS" kite flies. Please register your kite fly for promotion assistance and to receive Park District Youth License Plate materials.

Every park [agency, at least] cool would that be? 8)