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Initial KAP Results

Posted: Thu, Jul 01 2010, 10:16 PM
by Ludovicus
My first experience trying KAP with my brainfart idea of a rig got me 13 minutes of my video camera spinning around. Then I ran across the Picavet cross, built one from a stick, screw eyes, a rubber sink washer, two curtain rod hangers, a couple rubber bands, and some string, and got an incredible improvement in stability. I'm working on a little video, but here's a still in the meantime.

Does anyone know how to get hold of the producers of the TV show "Intervention"? They need to do one about kite addiction, and I'll volunteer because I just can't hep mysef!


Re: Initial KAP Results

Posted: Fri, Jul 02 2010, 07:13 PM
by Mike
That's cool.
I've been meaning to try KAP, perhaps this summer.