Let's set a goal...

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Let's set a goal...

Postby Chris » Wed, Sep 26 2007, 10:13 PM

I was thinking tonight, that we need to set a goal for this team thing.

I know, Mike, you probably have some good ideas for a routine, so let's pick a song, and throw a routine together.

There is a great article in the latest edition of kiting by Jim Barber of Team Cutting Edge, and he talks about the fact that they did not use their practice time, figuring out a routine. They each do that on their own.

They also use stick kites to use when the weather is bad, or the wind just doesn't cooperate. They even go as far as to videotape the stick practices, so each member can work on this at home.

It is a fantastic article, and I think we should adopt some of these techniques if we are going to get serious about this team.

This article started in the spring '06 edition of KITING, on page 22, and continued in the autumn '07 edition on page 6.

Let's set this as a goal now, so there are no excuses, when the spring season starts!!
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