Merely Drifting In The Field Of Thought...

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Merely Drifting In The Field Of Thought...

Postby Knoted4ever » Wed, Sep 12 2007, 09:43 PM

If all thoughts are merely representational symbols, and if mere symbolic impressions can, in and of themselves, never be truly happy... and if everything that we were taught to see is seen through the screen of thought, then which flying field can one be truly happy in?
To come in from the outside into the inside of what is one's own outside... and go beyond it.

from Wallace Stevens:

Crude Foyer

Thought is false happiness: the idea
That merely by thinking one can,
Or may, penetrate, not may,
But can, that one is sure to be able--
That there lies at the end of thought
A foyer of the spirit in a landscape
Of the mind, in which we sit
And wear humanity's bleak crown;

In which we read the critique of paradise
And say it is the work
Of a comedian, this critique;
In which we sit and breathe

An innocence of an absolute,
False happiness, since we know that we use
Only the eye as faculty, that the mind
Is the eye, and that this landscape of the mind

Is a landscape only of the eye; and that
We are ignorant men incapable
Of the least, minor, vital metaphor, content,
At last, there, when it turns out to be here.
Tom P.
Illinois_______ (excerpt from E. E. Cummings: "How many winds make wonderful... and is luck The skeleton of life")

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