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Nephew In Top Shot Show

Posted: Sun, Jan 16 2011, 12:23 PM
by Knoted4ever
My nephew, Joe Serafini, will be in the show Top Shot, on the History Channel on February 8th at 9:00PM Central time.
The prize is $100,000... but it's quite an honor just to get to be one of the contestants on the show (which is quite an
accomplishment in itself)! He can't tell anyone (including family) about how he did (while in California); but, knowing Joe... i bet he kicked
serious butt! :mrviolet:
The following link is a History Channel bio on Joe:

Top Shot --- Joe Serafini

Re: Nephew In Top Shot Show

Posted: Mon, Jan 17 2011, 02:04 PM
by RevJB

Pass on my congrats to Joe. I watched the show last season and really enjoyed it. All of the contestants were amazing marksman (and one woman). Big Mike was a fan as well.

It is good he has both archery and gun experience. They had a number of different weapons including knife throwing, longbow, crossbow, and various guns.

It will make my watching even more interesting.

Thanks for sharing.


Re: Nephew In Top Shot Show

Posted: Sat, Jan 22 2011, 11:41 AM
by Knoted4ever
Thanks John!... i'll pass on your congrats to Joe. It sure is weird seeing him on television (for the commercials advertising the show). It'll be very cool to see him on television when the show finally airs.

His family is really into archery and guns a whole lot. His sister, Angie, who is a good shot herself (she was over at our house last night), has a little terrier lap dog named Gunner; which, we think, is hilarious.

I think that Joe will probably do really well in the show. He's a very nice, cool guy. He's got eyes like an eagle. He can see things at a distance that most people are incapable of seeing. In the movie "The Patriot", Mel Gibson says (to his sons) to "Aim small and miss small,"... with Joe's eyes, i'm sure he'll be able to aim small very well! :mrblue:

Re: Nephew In Top Shot Show

Posted: Sun, Apr 17 2011, 12:03 AM
by RevJB

I've been watching the show. Your nephew is an awesome marksman and a real stand-up person. It's nice to see someone with such strong ethics do so well.

You wouldn't know that archery is his sport given the way he handles the guns.

I hope he goes all the way. I'm rooting for him.