Picasa 3.5 Photo Manager Software

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Picasa 3.5 Photo Manager Software

Postby RevJB » Sat, Sep 26 2009, 02:03 PM

I just upgraded from Google's Picasa 3.0 to Picasa 3.5. The new version has face recognition software that will go through all your albums and identify faces, group them, and have you name them. It is very good. It was able to identify my kids in pictures whether they were 5 years old or 16. There were a few errors or unidentified faces, but very few considering the thousands of photos it reviewed.

It has nice chronological listing and tagging features. You can also geotag photos.

It also allows you to create albums similar to Itunes playlist concepts. You don't have to have multiple copies of the pictures. Great for creating family albums for digital picture frames for both sets of in-laws.

Best of all it is free!

http://picasa.google.com/Picasa 3.5

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Re: Picasa 3.5 Photo Manager Software

Postby Babbman » Sun, Sep 27 2009, 12:07 PM

I like Picassa... but, I also like Acdsee, which I have been using for a very long time...

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Re: Picasa 3.5 Photo Manager Software

Postby Jeff » Sun, Sep 27 2009, 10:06 PM

I use Picasa here and there, but I've got thousands of photos tagged in Photoshop Elements. I've always found that the easiest one for organization.
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