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Re: Winter Flying

Posted: Fri, Jan 04 2008, 11:32 PM
by Knoted4ever
Draftnik wrote:Lots of tips and tricks fly around this time of year for staying warm outside in fridgid temps. Layering on the outside as well as the inside is a good idea. Eating fatty foods stokes the inner furnaces and helps keep energy levels up to deal with the cold. While butter and bacon are probably the best fuels, nuts and avacados will also help to keep a body warm.

Winter flying is not the time to slack on decent meals.

(This 2 second lecture brought to you by a Mom.) :wink:

i find that, with flying dualies (for me anyway) in winter, multiple layers of clothing is not good (unless you can easily peel them off! i flew, i think it was the weekend before last... and i made the mistake of wearing a winter coat (leaving my thinner jacket at home). i began to sweat profusely... big time. So i removed the coat; however i felt comfortable, just with a sweatshirt on, even though it was quite cold out. i had a blast, and contintued to fly even though there were flurries.

Be careful, if you fly with dualies in snow. Crystalized snow on the ground can do some damage. Also, of course, frozen ground has no give; it is not forgiving.