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Postby Knoted4ever » Wed, Sep 26 2007, 09:25 PM

i read the articles in our recent AKA magazine concerning Kitegang and was really impressed! They are a non-profit kite company/organization that takes kites to impoverished countries and gives them to kids to fly and enjoy (... kids that, otherwise, would not ever have such an opportunity). They also encourage people in these underdeveloped countries to construct kites (as a possible economic stepping- stone). And all this is done while emphasizing global togetherness rather than regional friction! Kites do have a way of bringing people together in a cooperative, festive fashion! :mrviolet: That is just too cool! i sent out a nice contribution the other day (via their web site's PayPal feature). i certainly encourage others to seriously look into this; it is truly something that can brighten up lives, adding some brightness in areas where sorrow and pain are all too common.

Darfur is one of the regions where this is being done. The Tanzania and Malawi regions are also locations. Both the Tanzania and Malawi areas are where many beautiful tropical fish are caught and sent out across the world; but these fish are easily bred in captivity and do not provide enough economic sustenance for these people.
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