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Stolen kites

Posted: Thu, Sep 20 2007, 05:10 AM
by Chris
Amy Doran of Oregon had her kite bag stolen last night. This was taken from her post on the Rev forum-

Hi, My kite bag and all my kites and line bag and handles and stakes.. you name it were stolen out of my jeep yesterday . If any of the kites turn up , or you see them, I would appreciate your help. hugs.. I am also sending this to my kiting friends and bend friends in the hopes that they might be seen. I have filed a police report.
ty for your help.. Amy Doran

here is the list.. I dont have pics of all the kites..

1 indoor rev-- bright pink/white stripes
1 indoor wren- pink and orange
1 indoor v. i. p. made by lam hoac
1 single line diamond indoor with applique of tidal wave
1 exp black pink and blue rev. with white center with logo
1 black , pink and blue 1.5 rev signed love David.. cries
1 rainbow vented 1.5
1 custom 1.5 scarlett (red) prototype.
1 custom 1.5 scarlett ( turqoise) rev
1 custom 1.5 blue with blonde lady laying on her back rev
1 custom 1.5 black with blonde nude with seashell rev
1 bag of rods. 2 wrap , 3 wrap, race rods, and suls.. ( all my rods were in there from all the kites)
1 standard Jumping Jack Flash, black/yellow
1 SUL Jumping Jack Flash, blue/white
1 Prism Zephyr, blue
1 set of indoor rev handles
1 set of brakes

all these were contained in an older style Prism black/purple rollup bag.

She can be contacted here- <>

Re: Stolen Kites

Posted: Thu, Dec 06 2007, 05:36 PM
by Jim Foster
This good news about Amy Doran's kites was just posted by Monkey over on the Rev Forum.......

Want some good news for Christmas?

I just got off the phone with a particular mouse and...

She JUST received a call from the Bend Police dept, who JUST broke up a large robbery ring in Bend and...

She's going to pick up her kites tomorrow. We're not sure yet if everything is there, but, it's very likely that they are all there, intact.

She wants to send a huge thank you to everyone who has looked and offered kind words on what was a VERY traumatic experience, happening just before Nationals like it did.

Re: Stolen kites

Posted: Thu, Dec 06 2007, 06:03 PM
by Babbman
finally, some good news for a change...

So happy to hear it....

Re: Stolen kites

Posted: Thu, Dec 06 2007, 08:48 PM
by Chris
what a great gift for Amy!! :up:

Re: Stolen Kites

Posted: Fri, Dec 07 2007, 01:47 PM
by awindofchange
Wow, I have a new found admiration for the efforts of the police departments. This is truly a wonderful blessing and an amazing story. I do hope that the kites are all intact and accounted for. WTG Amy!

What an awesome early Christmas present to a horrible situation. This just makes me feel good all over! :up:

Re: Stolen Kites

Posted: Fri, Dec 07 2007, 06:45 PM
by Jim Foster
Amy just posted the following on the Rev forum.......Jim

ok here is the news.... .

The kites had been gone through and are in wrong bags...

but I am truly truly HAPPY to tell you that ALLLLLL the kites are there except one, and ALL the kites are in good condition. Now i have to go through them yet.. to make certain but it will take me a bit to do that.

The V.I.P Lam Hoac indoor is the one kite I am sorry to say is not there.... but it may turn up... The police know it's still gone..

The guy in charge of this ring is in jail and will be going to trial.. There were people there picking up refrigerators and table saws.. and computers and and and...
we spoke to one woman that was about to move into her brand new home.. and they took everything.. all the appliances.. everything down to the light fixtures... She recovered a few things, but we are pretty sure that a lot of her things were sold. I feel for her. We were lucky.

Connor has been quiet since last night... not really talking about it. When he got out of the car.. and walked over and saw the rev bag... he shouted **** that's our STUFFFFFF****

And when we opened the bag, and he saw the kite that Benny had gotten for him, he grabbed it and pulled it out.. and was sooo happy to see it.. *made some of us teary eyed***.
still is.
we are both still in disbelief.. Connor just said.. oh my gosh... I cannot believe it. I know exactly how he feels... it just seems to good to be true..