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RC Transmitter For KAP

Posted: Tue, Jun 05 2007, 11:48 PM
by TheBigKiteGuy
I have this strong memory of thinking "I can't put the RC transmitter for my KAP rig there, I would never think of looking there."

Well I just finished looking there, and every where else I can think of. If I can't find it tomorrow, I will need to replace it on Thursday, so I can use the rig in North Dakota. I have this odd desire to take a KAP image of the worlds largest buffalo statue..... And I just bought an IR shutter release that plugs into the receiver in place of a servo. I am hoping for a more consistent result than my mechanical shutter release which kept failing.

So I know at least a couple of you are RC people too, if you had to buy locally on Thursday in the vicinity of Lisle/ Naperville, where would you go?

Also the continuing argument of air or ground frequencies. I have been told that I should use ground frequencies since I am not flying an aircraft. I have been told just as forcefully that I should be using aircraft frequencies as the rig is airborne. Any opinions?

Re: RC Transmitter For KAP

Posted: Wed, Jun 06 2007, 05:54 AM
by Chris
Sorry I missed this one Al. :oops: I would advise using ground frequencies for the simple fact that the regular aircraft bands are too widely used around our area. Some RC transmitters have a range of a mile or better, and if someone is flying in the area on the frequency you are using for KAP, things can get ugly fast on the pilots end.

One other option if you don't want to use ground frequencies, is the use of the new spread spectrum technology. The range is less than that of the older radios, and when they are turned on, they scan for other frequencies on the air band and lock into two unused channels.

As for places to buy locally, check out hobbytown in St. Charles/Aurora or Al's in Elmhurst. Also online check out .

Re: RC Transmitter For KAP

Posted: Thu, Jun 07 2007, 09:28 AM
by TheBigKiteGuy
I bought a new RC radio last night. The new shutter release works, I just have to void the warranty now by removing the spring from one on the joysticks so I have two axis that don't automatically return to zero. And remember how to keep the one servo from spinning
like a dervish. I seem to remember having to open up the servo. I actually found the old directions, I remember them being sketchy but will figure it out again.

So, I expect to be back up with a pointable KAP rig tonight. And off to North Dakota early in the morning.