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Competition question

Posted: Mon, May 21 2007, 05:24 AM
by Chris
I was lookind through the ISK rules book, and saw they have a technical routine listed under the precision category, I thought the comps only consisted of the compulsory figures and ballet. Can anyone clarify this for me?

Re: Competition question

Posted: Tue, May 22 2007, 06:28 AM
by Mike
If you haven't already, ask over at the GWTW forums. Also consider emailing (not PM-ing) directly to Zach.
From what little comps I've watched, it seems that after doing the required precision routines they also flew a little bit just to show off precision flying in general. They would mostly seem to do some precision figures from years past.

Re: Competition Question

Posted: Tue, May 22 2007, 08:27 AM
by Ann
Hi Chris,

Precision consists of two separate sections. First the compulsories and then a technical routine. Three compulsory figures are flown first, these have been previously announced and posted. Then the technical portion takes place. This is a "full, flowing routine that demonstrates evidence of a plan and the technical skill of the competitor." It is judged by execution and content components. The minimum time for an individual is 1 minute, maximum is 3.

For a more in-depth explanation, take a look at the "Precision" section of the International Sport Kite Rules Book or email Zach or myself.


(The quote is from the ISK Rules Book)