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*Street Kite Flying?*

Posted: Mon, May 14 2007, 10:55 AM
by Hector Herrera
After seeing a couple of videos from street kitefliers, Yesterday I decided to make a set of short lines. About 25 feet. Do you guys recomend any specific lenght?
Our church membership went to a park to celebrate Mother's day and I (as allways) took the opportunity to fly my kites. It is real funny to have the kite so close, and I was able to throw the kite and without letting it hit the ground I could fly it, also I was able to pull the two top lines and make the kite land in my hands... :up: I really like this kind of flying, and from now on I will have my short lines, handles and Revo. ready to fly at any time anywhere. The only thing is I have to be carefull about the heating sun in my car, as it may damage the kite.

Any suggestions as to how to avoid damage to the kite seating in a car?

Re: *Street Kite Flying?*

Posted: Mon, May 14 2007, 08:21 PM
by TheBigKiteGuy
Welcome to 3D flying. When I first met Lee Sedgwick he threw a Rev a couple of inches over my head, flew for a minute and then snatched the kite back to his hand. I don't recommend flying that close to people unless you have Lee's absolute control. Even with that control it sets an example for people that don't quite have it down yet. I had kevlar train lines from a Rev stack hooked around my ear one year at GH. :shock: I won't forget that soon.

Re: *Street Kite Flying?*

Posted: Tue, May 15 2007, 05:48 AM
by Mike
I haven't done it myself, but if you're actually flying on a street, I think they use even shorter lines. More like indoor flying lengths--maybe 12 feet.
The catch and throw is fun. I met a guy in Seal Beach who was really good at that. He did it with full length lines (75'?) and could catch the kite behind his back.