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MAKR 2008

Posted: Tue, Mar 13 2007, 09:52 AM
by Draftnik
Just finished filling out the survey for MAKR and got to the "Would you like to help out?" portion.

There's lots of behind the scenes tasks that are listed on the survey, and as a club we outa be able to handle helping out and have fun doing it. What could we do to assist with MAKR 2008?

Re: MAKR 2008

Posted: Tue, Mar 13 2007, 11:31 AM
by Mike
I don't have a copy of the survey. What sort of things did you have in mind?
Barbara Meyer pops in here every once in a while, do you have any ideas of how we can help, Barbara?

Re: MAKR 2008

Posted: Tue, Mar 13 2007, 01:37 PM
by Draftnik
The survey examples were

format schedule
format roster
maintain website
review teacher apps to set curriculum
think up Sat half time theme
judge Sat mania
organize raffle
organize travel arrangements for instructors
interface with Taft staff

IKE was encouraged and complimented by Ken McNeil to get involved with MAKR. Any stunt kiters swooning, feeling faint or blushing? :wink: I'd better go revive JJ and Kiteslayer.

Re: MAKR 2008

Posted: Fri, Mar 16 2007, 12:39 PM
by Barbara
I saw this post earlier and have been thinking about a response. So, here's some ideas. Did you see that big rok? It said MAKR 2001. That was made by a group out of the quad cities and donated as a raffle item way back in 2001. After having provided a home for it, Al Sparling sent it back. Your group could get together and make a big project for the raffle. Then, you could challenge the KC Club and the Pigs Aloft to do the same.
this year the Quinn's and the Watson's made every one a feather. You could make feathers, for the pirate theme, they'd have to be parrot feathers! Or, some other little kite memento for each person. Get creative!
Or, do a miniature kite with your logo on for each person.
Set out info about your club in the dining hall to invite everyone to your flys.
Let us know if you have large sheets of glass that you could loan for hot cutting in the classrooms. We had 2 self destruct this year.
Although the food is good and plentiful, by midnight the munchies hit, maybe some cookies or popcorn to share with the group, and distribute it to the various classrooms. There is a microwave in Eagles Nest for last minute cooking.
Encourage others to come, and to register early. Our maximum is 75, this year we had 67.
Participate in all the goofy games, you too can wear funny costumes.
Send an actual thank you note by snail mail to every teacher that did a great class.
Start looking for raffle items now, without stuff, we can't raise funds. And, as several learned, it's fun to go home with some cool new toys. Challenge yourself to replicate your favorite project and donate it back.
We are intending to once again have a european guest next year. could you help with airport pick up? Could you host one or two if they would like to stay and visit a few days before or after?
How's that for a start?

Re: MAKR 2008

Posted: Fri, Mar 16 2007, 12:46 PM
by Mike
Those are great ideas Barbara.
Well IKE members, what do you think?

We have some fine sewers in the group who can build a nice kite. The rest of us can chip in to pay for supplies.
I can certainly bring cookies and munchies.
I know the folks who went this year will promoting the heck out of MAKR for next year.
Club promotional items like mini-kites or fliers sound good too.
Any northern folks willing to drive to the airport?
MAKR fans, lets hear some chatter out there!

Re: MAKR 2008

Posted: Fri, Mar 16 2007, 01:09 PM
by Babbman
I was actually wondering about the teaching aspect...

Chris mentioned that no-sew projects would be appreciated.... I've been working with my Tetrahdron project which is rather simple but I'd like to refine the plan so that small sets of cells could be easily connected to make a larger kite... the supplies themselves are really just dowels, plastic tubing, nylon ty-wraps and mylar wrapping paper..

I think it would be cool to have many people make a standalone kite that could be easily put together with all the others to make a really BIG kite...

Re: MAKR 2008

Posted: Sat, Mar 17 2007, 10:33 AM
by Draftnik
I think we could handle most anything on the list Barb has, and I'll file this away for next years planning. It's fun to be involved, and great to be able to help out. Too much, too fast can cause burnout. Just something to keep in mind here, cause we want to preserve and make the best use of our IKEnthusiasm.

Ouch, those were nice pieces of glass we got to use this year. I can probably come up with some patio door sashes if that'd work. I can look into glass alternatives, if they'd be acceptable.

I wonder if the rubber stuff they're useing in oven mitts would work, wouldn't be free, but would make for a less fragil hot cut surface. There's also some plywood materials being used in construction that have a fireproof, smooth, hard surface. Think masonite that doesn't scratch. It's pretty amazing stuff, if I can find it.

Re: MAKR 2008

Posted: Sat, Mar 17 2007, 02:10 PM
by Mike
Draftnik wrote:There's also some plywood materials being used in construction that have a fireproof, smooth, hard surface. Think masonite that doesn't scratch. It's pretty amazing stuff, if I can find it.

Do you have any more info on that stuff?

Re: MAKR 2008

Posted: Sun, Mar 18 2007, 12:39 AM
by kiteguy
Every year someone at OKR brings a huge can (3 gallon? Or more?) of Chex Mix which was baked with bacon fat. Whoah, my tummy gets larger just thinking about it! Lots of candies like peanut brittle, chocolate in several different formats, and several cases of bottled water and packs of soda out in the "cooler". Certainly not a problem for munchies at that retreat!

MAKR has coffee at 5:30 am. Anybody up at THAT time NEEDS coffee!!! LOL