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*Octagon Kite*

Posted: Mon, Jan 15 2007, 09:39 PM
by Hector Herrera
Hi Larry...Hi Karen!!!
I am in the process of making an Octagonal Kite, and noticed that you have one of your own allready, wich is a total beauty.
Did you sew every detail on it? or is it painted? My big question for you is: Is this a one line kite? and if so may I ask you how did you do the bridles?
Does your kite flyes with a tail? How stable it is?
I have done similar (smaller) kites in the past, but I learned that is good to learn new technics without changing the old style or should I say "the traditional way". I guess if I get a better bridle I'll be better off...??? for stability purposes.
My new kite is going to be made of bamboo spars, 5 feet long, and Ripstop Nylon. It may have a tail, but I don't know yet. I would apreciatte any information. :-)
Yours Truly:
Hector Herrera
"The Guatemalan KiteFliers".

Re: *Octagon Kite*

Posted: Tue, Jan 16 2007, 06:07 AM
by Chris
Sorry Hector, Larry and Karen aren't members here... I was looking through kitebuilders forum for plans, and happened across this post on an 8' octogon kite ( I copied the picture from Kitebuilder to show the applique)- The entire design is all applique! :shock: I don't know any of the details but maybe they can help you. :|