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Kites And Kids

Posted: Mon, Jan 08 2007, 11:05 AM
by Draftnik
Having friends for the kids to play with is hands down the best way to keep them all happy on the kite field.

We've gathered alot of kid friendly kite fest only toys to help entertain our kids at festivals. I'm always looking for new ideas. We camp too so some of this comes from our survival gear there.

Here's some of the things we rotate through in the kite bags for the kids besides their own kites. Bubbles (watch they're not sudsing someones ripstop), jumpropes, self contained art/craft kits (like the ones Klutz puts out), frisbess and boomerangs (gotta moniter their use), parachuted things, inflateable beach balls, whirly gigs, sticks with ribbons or kite tails attached, and sometimes a hoola hoop will make the cut.

We got them a parachute for Christmas. Like they have in schools, but a bit smaller. It really takes about 6 kids to make it work, and we'll see how they get along with it. They also got a pair of poi, that the older ones are getting figured out.

A couple of ideas that I've gotten from other kite parents but haven't gotten too yet are aolean(sp?) music things, and shelters. Also, have considered letting them paint the van windows at festivals, but haven't gather my courage to try it. :)

The only thing we tried and decided not to do again is this stuff called Splat. I had to have it, of course! It's this goo they will play with for a looong time, but it will not stay contained in the kite bags and it bonds to ripstop like you wouldn't believe!


Re: Kites And Kids

Posted: Wed, Jan 10 2007, 08:54 AM
by Draftnik
Having a play ground nearby helps too.

Re: Kites And Kids

Posted: Wed, Jan 10 2007, 01:28 PM
by awindofchange
You may want to pick up a bundle of the Frustrationless Flyers. These are "build yourself" kites that the kids can do and they fly excellent. We stock them in 10 and 20 kite packs and I am sure you will be able to get one of these packs from your local kits store. The Frustrationless Flyer is a sled design that flies beautifully. The material is an all-white tyvek and the kids color their favorite design on them. The kit comes with the tyvek kite, 2 wooden dowels (cut to size), sticker tabs to hold the dowels to the kite, and the pre-measured bridle. You will need to supply the flying line. We usually let the kids color the kite and then we give them instruction on assembly. We tie the bridle on for them to make sure it is even and then run off about 20-30 foot of cheap cotton line and let em run! If the line gets tangled, just cut it off and throw it away, run off a new piece and your set.

Kids from 6-7 years on up can usually assemble the kite themselves, 3-6 we usually help with the assembly. The kite even has a stamp on it for the kids name and build date - for that keepsake thing. The 20 pack retails for around 50.00 (2.50 per kite). 10 pack for around $30.00.

Hope that helps!

Re: Kites And Kids

Posted: Wed, Jan 10 2007, 02:29 PM
by Babbman
Kent, I'm going to reiterate some advice you gave me a few months ago...

Put a kite in the air, stake it down and then put a carabiner on the line with a strap hanging off of it. When the kids want to 'fly the kite', they grab on to the strap and do what they will... when they get bored or want to do something else, they let go and everything is as it was...

we saw this trick work beautifully on Sunday when Chris and I were at the field with our kids... they loved grabbing on and also loved the freedom to drop it and do something else.. We loved NOT having to run after a dropped line and free flying kite.