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Re: Rename This One Too

Posted: Thu, Dec 14 2006, 06:04 PM
by denverberry
:D I still just don't get the game, and all the obsession with it. :oops:

In TN we've got the UT/Alabama stuff too, I get heck from my neighbors for not bleeding orange, :blink1:
I get to explain to them EVERY GAMEDAY that I just don't get it... :blink2:

I never had any sports growing up, and just don't really dig any sports other than flight, flying (hang-gliding/paragliding) and kites. :twisted:

I don't consider music to be a sport, but if it were I'd bleed that color! :bash:

Re: Rename This One Too

Posted: Sat, Dec 16 2006, 04:31 PM
Hey Draftnik,

I want to se your top ten reasons.