Flying chickens

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Flying chickens

Postby Mamagotcha » Mon, Sep 05 2011, 09:03 PM

This made me think of you guys! :-)

The gorgeous fall weather is making me want to get out and fly... hope to meet some of you soon!

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Re: Flying chickens

Postby Mike » Tue, Sep 06 2011, 01:23 PM

Come to the Quad Cities festival! It's good fun and your sidekick will have a great time.
[Forum posts on the festival]

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Re: Flying chickens

Postby Darkspark » Tue, Sep 06 2011, 07:07 PM

That is the best cartoon strip I have seen in a while. Good stuff!

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Re: Flying chickens

Postby goestoeleven » Tue, Sep 06 2011, 10:06 PM

Now that made me chuckle.

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Re: Flying chickens

Postby makatakam » Wed, Sep 07 2011, 08:14 PM

:rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

"'s a fair wind blowin' warm, out of the south over my shoulder, guess I'll set a course and go." CSN&Y

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