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Revolution 1.5

Posted: Sat, Oct 16 2010, 02:47 PM
by djurgens
Hey, everyone new IKE member and excited to join.
I,ve just started flying my first Revolution 1.5 SLE with frame that is marked (professional use only, not sure what to call it?) and #50 line.
Getting along fairly well, but struggling a little with good control.
Wondering what might be a good choice for my next Revolution or what i can switch out to pracitice on control?
If this makes any sense, would appreciate your advice! Thanks!

Re: Revolution 1.5

Posted: Sat, Oct 16 2010, 04:47 PM
by Jeff
Hello and welcome!

You've come to the right place for getting in touch with quad fliers...we're lousy with them! :D

Let us know where you're from...the best thing to do would be to try and come to a club fly and meet up with other fliers. In fact, there's a club fly going on right now down in Pontiac, IL as we speak. But we can certainly also provide some advice here on the forum.

The frame you have, marked "professional use only" is what we also call a "2 wrap" frame. Or spars, as the individual rods are called. It is light and flexible. It is meant for low wind. As the wind gets stronger, when the frame starts to flex too much, we'll switch up to the next stronger set of spars, the 3 wraps. (Which say "ultralight" on the label.) And in very strong wind, we may even move up to 4 wraps. (Which are labeled "Revolution Equipped, if I recall correctly.) There is also sort of a hybrid spar called a "race rod" that is light like the 2 wrap, but a little stiffer and stronger.

We pretty much fly on 90# line, but there's no reason you can't fly on 50#. It may not be the best as the wind picks up and starts to really pull, though.

As for line length, we fly several variations. Most people start with a line set that is around 75' to 85' long. We do fly on 75' length, but when we get together, to fly as a team, we get out the longer length, 120'. This has become something of an international standard for team flying. Wherever you go, if you have a set of 120' line, you can fly team with others. You do need to make sure you're flying with Spectra or Laser Pro, one of the synthetic lines. Otherwise, if you don't you can cut your neighbor's lines when they cross.

Until we get more specific about things you're trying to do, all I can say is practice. 8) Practice flying straight lines, turning smoothly, hovering in place. Get the basic control down first. In no time you'll be wanting to mix it up with other fliers. :up:

Re: Revolution 1.5

Posted: Sun, Oct 17 2010, 08:36 AM
by djurgens
Thanks Jeff

I would definitely like to get with other flyers and learn by watching and flying alongside. I am in the
south east corner of IA Keokuk.
I appreciate your response it has been very helpful.

Re: Revolution 1.5

Posted: Sun, Oct 17 2010, 04:56 PM
by Mike
Hi, we talked at the Keokuk fest. Glad to see you here on the forum.
I concur with what Jeff said.
I carry one small bag with me when I go kite flying on my own. It contains a vented and a standard sail, 2 wrap & 3 wrap rods, 90# line 75' and 120' long.
That will cover me in most any situation. Eventually, all you'll want to add is a vented sail (SLE or B-series) with 3-wrap rods and some 90# line.

With the kite setup that you have, try flying on days when you have a steady 8 mph wind. Choose a place that's far away from trees and buildings if you can. The place where the festival was was pretty good and is close to your place of work, so that's where I'd go.

Use small movements to control the kite. Sometimes a few quick control movements rather than one big one is easier.

Quad mania hasn't spread to Iowa or Missouri, I have to get out there more :)
Probably the closest we come is an occasional club fly on the East side of Peoria.

If you're ever traveling through Illinois and have a free day, be sure to post it on the forum and see if you can't drum up some local fliers.
Or just make a day of it and make the long drive to one of our club flies. We all do the big drive on occasion.

There's some demand for having the next club fly up in the Chicago area, but maybe the next one after that can be near Peoria. Anyone can call for a club fly, just post in the "club fly" section of the forum, propose a date and a location. Ask for a roll call and see if you can drum up some business. That's about as organized as we get.

Re: Revolution 1.5

Posted: Sun, Oct 17 2010, 11:19 PM
by Jeepster
Welcome to the forum ... and, IKE.

You might want to PM Mux11 to see about getting together. Mux11 lives in the Davenport area and flys Revs on occasion.


Re: Revolution 1.5

Posted: Mon, Oct 18 2010, 08:57 PM
by goestoeleven
As a new Rev flyer myself, I can only add . . . . just keep practicing :up: . More than anything else, it takes time flying the Rev until you learn how to react automatically. I'm still crashing my rev into the ground with embarrassing frequency. However, everyone on the IKE forum has been very supportive - and if you make it to a club fly (or can meet up with another Rev flyer), you'll learn more in an afternoon than you can figure out in hours on your own. Plus they can look at your kite & lines & give you some good pointers on setting up the handles, etc. that will help make it easier to fly.

Welcome to the club!

P.S. . . . here are some exercises:

Re: Revolution 1.5

Posted: Mon, Oct 18 2010, 09:30 PM
by Jynx
DJurgens ~
...Just a quick :welcome1: to you from a Milwaukee :LogoRevAni: 'er too!

Re: Revolution 1.5

Posted: Wed, Oct 20 2010, 06:35 AM
by djurgens
Thanks Mike I appreciate your response. I have a lot to learn but so far i am enjoying flying/crashing my Revolution.... well most of the time, some of the time has just plain been frustrating!

I hate to be a pest but with the cost of these toys could you clarify for me, you wrote the only thing i need to add is a vented sail (SLE or B-series) with 3-wrap rods and some 90# line. Is there basically only one type of vented sail SLE or B series or is there a several that i will need to choose from?

Thanks to all who've offered their welcome and input, greatly appreciated! I told my daughter I joined a Kite Enthusiasts Club and she just smirked and shook her head. She just doesn't get it!

Re: Revolution 1.5

Posted: Wed, Oct 20 2010, 01:51 PM
by awindofchange
There are 3 versions of the 1.5 sized Revolution kite. The EXP, the 1.5 (which you have) and the third is the B-Series. All three of these kites are identical in size with very minuscule differences in the cut and panel layouts. The biggest difference between the three models is the material they are constructed out of. The EXP and 1.5 Series are both made out of ripstop nylon (Earlier versions of the 1.5 were made from ripstop polyester). The B-Series, which is referred to as the advanced or "best" 1.5 series kite, is made from Icarex or Ripstop Polyester. The B-Series is easy to identify because of its extra twin panels that vertically on each side of the sail.

There is also the B-Series Pro which is a custom made B-Series kite, usually preferred by the top pilots or pilots in general who want the best possible kite. These are custom made to order by Bazzar (team member of I-Quad and contracted kite builder for Revolution).

Because all of these models are basically the exact same size, frames (or rods, shafts, tubes, etc..) can all be interchanged between every model. This makes it wonderful as you can easily swap out a complete frame for the different wind conditions instead of having to purchase a completely new kite. The frames are labeled as listed above. The 2 Wraps are the most delicate but lightest, the 4 Wraps are the strongest but heaviest.

Now, just to make things a little more confusing the 1.5 and the B-Series come in a couple different sail configurations. There is the 1.5 SUL which is an ultra light version of the standard 1.5. This may be what you have as the SUL (Super Ultra Light) usually comes with the 2 wrap frame, a slightly lighter sail and a white spectra bridle. All of these are to make the kite as light as possible for the super light winds.

The other models are the Standard - which is basically a full sail models and is the most common.

The Vented - which has two long vertical vents in the middle of the sail that allows the wind to pass through the sail and not produce near as much power. The Vented models are used for higher wind ranges (usually above 15 mph) and usually come with the 4 wrap frames for extra strength. The Vented models (being the same size as all others) can be altered with different frame sets to give them a huge wind range. Some will put the 2 wrap frames in their Vented kite and fly down in that sub-10 mph range. The nice thing about a Vented sail is that it can smooth out gusty wind conditions and it flies exceptionally well. Vented models usually don't do well in the lighter winds (below 10mph) and a Standard model is usually preferred for those conditions. The opposite goes for the higher winds, the Standard usually doesn't do as good in winds above 14-18 mph and the Vented model is preferred.

There is also the Mid-Vent - which has only one vertical vent on each side of the sail instead of two like the full vented model. The Mid Vent is designed for the pilot who happens to be in an area where the winds usually don't get much over 20mph and most of the time has winds in that 8 to 15 mph range. This is the range where the Standard sail starts to get a little twitchy or harder to control but the Vented takes a bit more work to fly. The Mid Vent fills that wind range perfectly and makes winds in that range a dream to fly in.

So as a break down on each model:

EXP - Available in standard sail only.
1.5 - (aka 1.5 SLE or SLE model) Available in the SUL, Standard and Full Vented versions.
B-Series - (aka John Baressi Signature Series) - Available in Standard, Mid Vent and Full Vented versions.
B-Series Pro - Custom built in any configuration.

Hope that helps clarify the different models and whats available. If you do have the SUL model, you may want to get a Full Vent (or Mid Vent depending on your wind conditions). I would also recommend getting a couple different frame sets so that you can get the full range out of your SUL and your Vented. The B-Series does come with two different frames sets in the complete packages, this would be perfect for you as you could order the B-Series Vented and that would give you the Vented kite plus a 3 Wrap and 4 Wrap frame set. Combined with what you already have for your 1.5, you would have all frames and be able to mix-n-match for nearly any wind condition.

Don't worry about asking questions that you feel may be basic, this club was designed for exactly that reason - to help beginners and experienced pilots share their knowledge and learn from each other. Like my father always said, the only dumb question is the one that never gets asked. Knowledge is free and there are some ultra experienced pilots on this forum who love in sharing it.

Hope that helps and welcome to the club!

Re: Revolution 1.5

Posted: Wed, Oct 20 2010, 03:25 PM
by Mike
Wow, Kent said it all.
I'm one of the folks who advocates flying a vented kite with 2 wrap rods in lighter winds. It makes for a very smooth experience and helps flatten the learning curve.

As Kent said, keep firing away with questions. We love 'em.

Re: Revolution 1.5

Posted: Wed, Oct 20 2010, 03:26 PM
by Jeepster
awindofchange wrote:Knowledge is free and there are some ultra experienced pilots on this forum who love in sharing it.

Hope that helps and welcome to the club!

Yep, and Kent continues to be one of the best about sharing his knowledge. Visit his shop and you'll end up with a grand tour. Call on the phone and he'll take time out of his day to answer any question you've got. Or, just ask on the forum and you'll end up with a wikipedia type answer like above.

Thanks again Kent for your continued participation!


Re: Revolution 1.5

Posted: Wed, Oct 20 2010, 04:47 PM
by TeamTrejo
Any way of making Kent's post a "sticky"? Lots of good info there.

Re: Revolution 1.5

Posted: Wed, Oct 20 2010, 05:58 PM
by djurgens
Extremely helpful thank you all very much! I can now make informed decisions, I appreciate your time, expertise and insights!

Re: Revolution 1.5

Posted: Wed, Oct 20 2010, 08:58 PM
by RevJB
Welcome to the dark side!

Kent's post was outstanding. I vote for "sticky" as well.

One other difference for the B-Series: The price includes two frame sets. Typically a standard sail comes with a 2-wrap and a 3-wrap and the vented comes with a 3-wrap and 4-wrap. The good kite stores will allow you to pick different combinations, if desired. The math can make this a better decision than buying a 1.5 plus an extra frame set.

Lastly there is a frame set called race rods. It was about as much a little more than a 2-wrap and is as strong as a 3-wrap. The concept is a spar that will cover the wind range of both a 2 and 3-wrap. when you buy a kite the good store will let you upgrade by paying the difference between the regular spars and the race rods. It is a nice way to get race rods without ending up with an extra set.

There are almost as many opinions on race rods as fliers. The best way is to fly someone's kite with them and see for yourself.